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Abandon Hope Of Short Entries

All Who Enter Here

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RØB Severson
14 May 1981
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You gotta do what you gotta do. Ya know?
1950s music and culture, 24 hour businesses, abashedness, accordion, aldi, amphibians and amphibious machines, archaic things, architecture, argyle, auteur theory, autographs, aye, banjo, being a johnny-come-lately, belgium, bizarre/overlooked cultural anomalies, bl'aye, bl'oof, blaise, blarg, bowling and bowling alleys, cafés, calculated improper capitalization, candy time, carolingian miniscule, cartoons, casino time, casio instruments, cheez balls, chess, clocks, codswallop, collecting everything, confidence, converse all-stars, dice, dictionaries and lexicography, diners, dinglehoppers, doing things analogue style, doing what you gotta, donruss in top form, drinking beer from glasses, dutchill downs, earmuffs, et c., false mythologies, fanagling, fips the cat, foosball, foozin' boozin', foreign stuff, former/current st. louis beer, french stuff, gambling, game shows requiring knowledge, googolplexia, greenland, halloween, hangin' at gas stations, hanging out with lesbians, harmonica, hello, history, hogwash, home recording, homemade maple syrup, human brains, initiating crowded traincar sing-alongs, intellectualism, karaoke, kdhx, knowing nothing about relationships, kookaburra, libraries with secret staircases, listing things, local music, lonerism and loserism, mackinac island, making out in rain, malarkey, maps and cartography, mathematical devices, mayor mccheese, mcdonaldland, memorizing phone numbers, milkshake time, mismatched socks, mix tapes, mom & pop operations, mustardfish, nacho time, nickeling and diming, old buildings, olden days, one-inch buttons, online pirating, or else, orange drink, origami, pancake productions, pancake time, paperclips, passing people on escalators, races & racing, randomness, retro-futurism, ripping stuff off, ripping/cutting things into pieces, rocking & rolling, root beer/root beer floats, salami, sandwiches, scandinavia and its languages, second bananas, singing out of tune, sketch comedy, sloppy pop, snarfblatts, so there, solar squid records, spelling & grammar, squidball, statistics, strikethrough, stuff east of 270, taking showers before bed, temporarily overusing colloquial phrases, the 1980s, the 1990s, the aesthetic of hamburgers, the birdnals, tin whistle, toe socks, tomfoolery, trick-or-treating, tripping & falling, trivia, ukulele, using typewriters, venues without backstage areas, watching all end credits, wearing multiple watches simultaneously, wearing sportcoats year round, wearing ties, whatevery, who cares?, winter, word games, Ø

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