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Losing A Part Of You

I had a tooth extracted for the first (and hopefully the last) time today. ON THE ONE HAND, the tooth had been pretty useless for some time (years, even), as it was the subject of a root canal towards the very end of my tenure at Network Solutions (say summer 2009), THEN I didn't have insurance for half a decade, and was poor besides, so never got a crown for it, of course, and it slowly just chipped and decayed and rotted away little by little in that time (my steady diet of candy, cookies, and milkshakes didn't help, I'm sure). Basically today they just took the last remnants of it out; it took probably less than 30 seconds between when they wrenched out the first piece and when they were done and applying gauze to soak up all the blood. I mean it was just a crummy old partial-tooth of which I had long lost proper use, and which mostly served to get food caught in it for the past smattering of years. It was the furthest-back molar so the gap where 'twas isn't visible in the usual course of conversation and smiling and such. ON THE OTHER HAND, in its way it really does feel like losing a PART of myself; losing a body part that is supposed to be with you forever. I don't feel like I'm incomplete, really, but I do feel like something's missing. If that makes any sense.

They prescribed me painkillers. Can painkillers alleviate the pain that comes with knowing that an ostensibly-permanent piece of you is now GONE? Are they prescribed to counter whatever brief and slight physical discomfort I might feel along the gum-line? Or to numb the realization that my corporeal form is coming apart at the seams? In any case, they'll probably be plenty effective for least, temporarily.

Where all that's concerned, I'm paying $170-something per month for health insurance, so I should probably see a doctor while I'm at it--while I'm at determining the true fragility of my continued (or...otherwise!?) physical existence, that is. My complete lack of exercise and my hideous diet (to say nothing of their respective and combined results) are probably enough to make any physician cringe.

My pal Matt turned 45 years old earlier this year. As a life-long record collector and occasional record-releaser, he celebrated this by releasing a 45, with 4 songs on one side and 5 songs on the other, each of them 45 seconds long, and each by a different musical-act friend of his. Googolplexia appears on Side B (you can download both sides for free, following that link). The record is available to purchase online or at the official release show on 12/15 at this place called San Loo on Cherokee Street. Matt's birthday is in October, but whereas vinyl used to take six weeks to arrive on your doorstep from the day you shipped out the masters, it now takes more like seven months. He sent the masters out back in May hoping/expecting he'd have the records in time for his mid-October birthday, but in fact they arrived the week of Thanxgiving. Oh well! Anyway Eleven Magazine called my song "the highlight" of the record, woo! Which is especially flattering considering how good every last song on the thing turned out, IN MY HUMBLE O. Pals really came together to make something special! I am very happy to be a part of it! My song combines my loves of Roman numerals (it is caled "XLV" and is, I am pretty sure, the only song on this thing about turning or at least being 45 years old), world literature, and novelty songs (the primary inspiration in this latter category probably being 1950's "The Thing" by Phil Harris, which I recall first encountering in Mr. Krausch's "music class" at Chesterfield Elementary in sixth grade or thereabouts).

AND, I chose this userpic because good old Alex Younger wrote a letter (with pen and paper) to tell me his wife is pregnant with their first kid and he's changing his last name to hers and maybe someday he'll move out of New York City. He even signed it "Miles Knob" (among other names). Hah! I need to write that dude back!
RØB: Click-Click

Actors Today, Am I Right?

Dave Franco, Josh Hutcherson, and Kyle Gallner: All pretty much the same actor? DISCUSS.

(I'm surprised, actually bothering to look all of them up just now, to find that Kyle Gallner, who to me looks to be perhaps the youngest of the three, is in fact the oldest by a considerable margin.)
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Can You Identify This Flag?

Leaf Blower?

More like Leaf BLOW-er, am I right? C'mon, that was too easy.

Seriously though, can we agree that the Leaf Blower is probably the most pointless asshole device of all time?

Yep, I just cursed in a public LJ entry, something I have tried to avoid doing for years. I feel that strongly about how much leaf blowers really blow.
Pancake Productions Logo

Wish You Were Googz, I Mean, Here

Hey it's one of those rare entries that's for the internet and not really mostly for my own inscrutable purposes. Because: why not? Anyway if'n yer readin' this then ya oughter come to this party where I'll be makin' pancakes and acoustical music-acts will be playing all night long; three nights and two days. Make a song about pancakes to submit for the compilation. Put together an acoustic act to play the festival. Figure It Out!
Takin' The Cake

LoserLog MMXIV


- I watched 104 episodes of various TV shows (including Mr. Show of which I watched all, original Twilight Zone of which I finished all, Breaking Bad of which I finished all, Hatfields And McCoys and a few other mini-series, The Muppet Show, and Have Gun--Will Travel) - down from 200+ in MMXIII, but the movie count is a bunch higher.

- I watched 446 movies (1.2 movies/day), up from 366 in MMXIII.

- I read 22 books. Quite a ways down from MMXIII's had somewhat to do with a promotion at work leading to less reading time but even more so just kinda getting stuck on a few books that just took me longer to get through (Malory's La Morte D'Arthur took me 144 days, and I've been reading Dorothy Parker's Complete Poems since December 15th), not because they sucked, or were too long (though Arthur is 512 pages, and A Confederacy Of Dunces is 406, and East Of Eden is 627, but these latter two only took 19 and 21 days, respectively), but just because I was occupying myself in other ways, or whatever. I guess? Anyway I'm still indicating what I'm reading (but way behind on "closing out" with a review) on GoodReads, which is still my favorite social network.

For the record (in case I never have mentioned it before), I count TV movies (and short films, too) as movies, but I count TV miniseries as however-many TV show episodes (2 for Neverland, 3 for East Of Eden, 3 for Hatfields & McCoys, et cetera).

Weirdly/Coincidentally, it was exactly a year ago today (03 February) that I made the MMXIII version of this post.
Jack-O-Lantern 2006

Jack'm O-Lanterns

So once upon a time I made an LJ entry where I went over the Jack-O-Lanterns I had made for the past few years. I thought maybe I had made it a sort of entry-in-progress where I updated it with each new year's Jack-O-Lantern. I definitely did not do that, but I absolutely should have, because I nearly forgot what I'd done some of these years (thanks Flickr for reminding me!). Anyway, this is now officially THAT POST which I'll update annually (or try to remember to) with each new Jack-O-Lantern I make (including links to pictures or video if they're available).

2020 - Didn't carve anything for Halloween (though did bring the pumpkin with me to Atlanta, where I spent Halloween, and back) but the pumpkin was still uncarved as of XRII MMXXI...I had a broken arm at the time, but enlisted Casey Hunt to carve "XRII / #XX / MMXXI" onto it.
2019 - Didn't carve anything for Halloween but the pumpkin was still uncarved as of Thanxgiving so I made pumpkin soup and pumpkin pancakes and carved a turkey into it for Thanxgiving at Lauren & Patrick's.
2018 - I don't exactly remember but I mighta just totally biffed it this year. Pretty sure I at least made pumpkin soup out of the pumpkin I had otherwise bought to carve, though.
2017 - I carved the pumpkin into a helmet to wear on my head. I dressed all in green and my costume was "a vine." Not bad! Got kinda annoying to have a heavy-ass pumpkin on the dome for extended periods of time. I kept carving out a little more and a little more to make it lighter.
2016ish - I was busy, and lazy, and whatever-else was going on, and I never had time to carve a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. BUT I had bought a pumpkin. And the pumpkin I kept for months on end, until early January 2017 came around, and it was good buddy Kevin Stroup's 60th birthday, and for his big 60th party I carved "HAPPY LXth KEVIN" into the pumpkin, which was still totally fine and carve-able and not at all mushy or otherwise showing the least signs of being several months off the vine. The party was on 01/07/2017 and I gotta say I love the idea of a January jack-o-lantern. Who does that!?
2015 - The Flux Capacitor (my costume was BTTF2 Doc Brown from "the future" of October 2015)
2014 - Wait and see! I have some ideas... It was MR NASTI's face. Pictures...someday.
2013 - Team Pancakes (as you can see, our team name was carved into it and also it was a storage receptacle for the pumpkin pie raisin spice pancakes I brought both to Saratoga Lanes and to Ross & Kim's party)
2012 - STL Cinemas' logo (it was on display at the Moolah Theatre & Lounge for a few days) and when that one got too ripe, CLOUD ATLAS (the movie the Moolah was showing at the time)
2011 - I made SIX that year: Fishboy (webcomic version)'s face, "Turn/Other" & The/Cheek, King, Kong, and Mag/Net/Ics. All were made for particular concerts (Fishboy @ PPHQ, Turn The Other Cheek Burlesque @ Handle Bar, and KKM @ Upstairs Lounge)
2010 - Eric Von Damage With A Macaw Eating His Head, an artistic interpretation of the photograph on the back of this Pancake Platter
2009 - Billy The SAW Puppet
2008 - Mayor McCheese Campaign
2007 - Lurch from The Addams Family (no salvageable pictures taken, weird!)
2006 - Rolling Stones Tongue (see userpic)
2005 - Award-winning Unicorn Head
2004 - Scuba Diver (there were some pictures on Ron's old Webster University server space but I believe that's all gone now) (Courtney did an underwater scene with fish and reeds to complement)
2003 - Schroeder (of PEANUTS)'s Face (Courtney did Lucy wearing a witch's hat)
BEFORE 2003 - I guess I wasn't regularly doing Jack-O-Lanterns for a few years, and before that, who knows?
RØB: JEOPARDY! Final Full Picture


I read 53 books and watched 366 movies in the year MMXIII. That's one more book than an average of one per week, and one more movie than an average of one per day. TV Show episode count is pending, but almost certainly exceeds 200 for the year. I guess that's a lot, especially considering the extended breaks I took (like while on tour, mostly while on family vacation, and so on).

So far in MMXIV: 56 movies (50 of them in January) and five books. I generally keep track of the books publicly (and write a review, if often a crappy one, for each and every book) at GoodReads, my favorite of all social networking sites (maybe second-favorite, after LiveJournal). If you're on there as well, and you wanna, go ahead and find me. I admit, I am pretty proud of my recently-written The Grapes Of Wrath review, even if it isn't anything earth-shattering or anything that hasn't been said a million trillion times already. It is the best book I have read in a long time!


I am eating a caramel-flavor Tootsie Pop right now, and it is, perhaps far and away, the greatest Tootsie Pop I've ever had. I like Tootsie Pops a lot, and this is (therefore) saying plenty.
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Gettin' Googzy Tour Cartoon-Face

Gettin' Googzy

I am headin' out on this tour on Friday and it feels like the most "put together" tour yet. I guess you learn a little bit about setting this crap up each time ya do it. So much of it is still just absolutely blind luck or circumstance,, I don't know that I feel as though I did anything so different or more calculated this time as opposed to other times, it just seemed to happen more easily. I was trying to talk Andy Garces into going on tour the other day and amazed even myself with all the good reasons I was able to come up with, on the spur of the moment, for doing it. I really hope those Vanilla Beans do some touring some day.

Martin Tapia made an amazing poster for the show in Oberlin on Monday and I stole the image for this new LJ icon (and for my tour in general). Given that it was a member of Red Pony Clock who originally called Googolplexia "Googz," it's appropriate enough that Martin made this poster (although I think it was Dave that I first heard use it. I didn't even know what he was talking about, he had to explain it to me. Durrp!). I mean, by this time, I have fully adopted the nickname "GOOGZ."

If ya know anyone in the places listed below, tell 'em to go see Googolplexia in the next coupla weeks, and to say hello. One of those reasons mentioned above that I gave Andy was "meeting people in all kindsa weird places, and finding out some of them know yer friends!" Links will be to FaceBook events or the like where applicable.

TUESDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER – Saint Louis, Missouri @ Foam with Bobby Stevens, Carondelet Guy, Syna So Pro, Annalibera (Des Moines, IA), and MR NASTI (Fairfield, IA) [I have like 50 new T-Shirts and other items of Googz gear so this is the "release show" for that stuff in addition to being tour kickoff]

FRIDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER – Columbus, Ohio @ TreeBar with Church Camp, Purple Pyramids, and Animal Cubes

SATURDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER – Oberlin, Ohio @ The Feve with Martin David Tapia (of Red Pony Clock) and Leia Von Hohenfeld (of Afternoon Naps)’s Magical Music Box Mobius Strip!

SUNDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER – Ypsilanti, Michigan @ Café Ollie with Jo Pie Whyld, Melissa Sklar, and Oak Openings

MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER – Chicago, Illinois @ One Group Mind Theater / Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield (entrance at 956 W. Newport) with improv troupe Partyin’ Yossarian and Lord Of The Yum-Yum (and who knows, Dick Move? Maybe?)

TUESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER – Rock Island, Illinois @ Rozz-Tox

WEDNESDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER – Beloit, Wisconsin @ Coughy Haus with No Monster Club (Ireland) and M. Sord (Kalamazoo, MI)

THURSDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER – Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ Frank’s Power Plant with Lauryl Sulfate & Her Ladies Of Leisure and Economy Superstar -

FRIDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER – Dubuque, Iowa @ The Lift with Bones Jugs N Harmony (Urbana-Champaign, IL) -

SATURDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER – Ames, Iowa (Maximum Ames Music Festival!) @ Vinyl Café with Dubb Nubb (Saint Louis/Columbia, MO), Lesbian Poetry (Des Moines, IA), and Dear Rabbit (Colorado)

SUNDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER – Lincoln, Nebraska @ 2Smoov (947 S. 29th) with TBA

MONDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER – Kansas City, Missouri @ The Middle East (4209 E. 59th) with Blondie Brunetti and Mosquito Bandito

TUESDAY, 01 OCTOBER – Columbia, Missouri @ TBA with Devin Frank + TBA