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A 500-Seat Theatre All To Myself

Last night I went to see that movie Open Water. It was pretty sweet; pretty terrifying. The DV was kind of oppressive, but it generally tends to be, I wish they didn't try to do all of those "beautiful scenery" shots, it seemed distracting and strange.

SPOILER ALERT. The next paragraph contains spoilers.

The part that really filled me with a sense of unnameable horror was when the woman let her husband drift away and then you saw his body start to get all torn apart by sharks. SHUDDER.

Anyway, it was playing for the last time on the last night of it's run at the Hi-Pointe theatre, and I ended up being the only person to show up. I had that humungous theatre, which is probably my second-favorite theatre in the St. Louis area, all to myself. It was awesome. Kate hooked me up with a tray full of popcorn and a glass of water, and it was just like YES. However, for a movie that frightening, it is nicer to have other people in the audience with you. Even seeing the sharks swim by under the water from that above-angle was just so freaky. The open ocean (and more particularly, the depths thereof) always held this quiet, dark, and unmistakable horror/fascination for me, maybe that's why I've been so into sharks and octopi and whales and shit since before I was in school.

But yeah the movie just confirmed my earlier suspicions that I will never go SCUBA diving, I mean what if yer lungs explode or you get left out in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN?

It's a pretty depressing movie but a cool watch, I reckon.

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