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I Set The Alarm For One-Hundred and Four Bl'Glock

I really just made this entry cuz I wanted to use that as a subject line.

I've been working hard on the website. You guys are, like, my guinea pigs for it (that is, this is the only real place where I'm regularly drawing attention to it en masse), so please check it out and gimme some feedback. Recently added features:

-Near-complete "Shows" list on the Mustardfish "Shows" page
-Pages for the movies The Man Without A Clue (2002), Gonna Be Late (2001), and Countdown (2001) (in addition to that for Pour Chaque «Non» (2004))
-Personal Profiles for Amanda McLAUGHLIN and Kyle MAYER (in addition to that for Ron WARNER)
-Production Stills page for Gonna Be Late

And of course, there are Mustardfish MP3s galore, a complete list of my own movies (names only, most without any information), et c. The Mustardfish part of the site is the most complete part, even though most of the links don't really contain much information, actually.

Does anyone know how to make a guestbook or set up a mailing list?

Rock out.

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