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Larry Walker

So I have like six (?)of those "Starting Lineup" figurines that came with the baseball cards--you guys know what I'm talking about. Starting fuckin' Lineup. Yeah. I have two that're still in the original plastic, but the other three or four are just out and free (I know among those out-of-box-ers are Dale Murphy as Atlanta Brave and Pedro Guerrero as Birdnal). I recently realized I don't even know who the hell I have of those things, so the other day I looked at the ones still in their boxes to find out who I had, since only recently did I get back into baseball 'n' shit. Well guess what, dudes? One of the in-the-box figurines/cards is of newest Cardinal (I think he's still the newest Cardinal?) Larry Walker from when he was with the MONTREAL EXPOS. I'm not sure what year, but given that his last year with the Expos was 1994, I thought that was pretty impressive. I have some ten-year-old figurine of some dude who's a brand-new Birdnal! I should bring it to the game and try to get his autograph on it, like DUDE I'VE BEEN A FAN OF YOURS FOR OVER TEN YEARS, WELCOME TO THE BIRDNALS UNGGGHHHH!

How 'bout that for providence?

In case you're interested, the other one I have new-in-box is of Shane Mack, who was with the Minnesota Twins when the figurine was made (he was with the Twins from 1990-1994).

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