RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

The Secret To Life

In keeping with my former tradition of making lists (which I love to do, and which constitutes part of the reasons I loved High Fidelity), what follows is a list of the 50 Coolest people I know, in no particular order. You may notice that more than one person shares a single bullet in some instances, but in those instances, they're people who really aren't considered "apart" in their coolness. Not to downplay their individuality by any stretch of the imagination; that isn't my intent--just to imply a collective coolness of more than one person. Keep in mind that this is not a list of my favorite people, although the two lists (if the latter were to actually be made) would overlap greatly. As with all of my "lists," this one is subject to change.
If you're offended, well, screw you. I actually began to do this last night, but decided it was against my better judgment. Well, my judgment has changed once again; if you take offense to your absence from the list, keep this in mind: I'm not on it either.

    Top 50 Coolest People

  • Alex Younger

  • Alison Derrick

  • Adam Neal

  • Matt Kleinberg

  • Jamie Collins

  • Amanda Thomas

  • Hannah Wolfe

  • Dustin Mendoza

  • Russ Olson

  • Lise Johnson

  • Ron Warner

  • Edith Billen

  • Jill Carlucci

  • Bobbi Pernikoff

  • JT Bromberger

  • Dave Jenkins

  • Jason Young

  • Chad Kennedy

  • Dan Thompson

  • Anthony & Joan Mendoza

  • Linda Thompson

  • Jim Schneider

  • Lyndsey Brack

  • Kendra Pennycuick

  • Jon Becker

  • Kyle Mayer

  • Matt Smith

  • Ava Clay

  • Bob Sullivan

  • Coire Reilly

  • Lindsey Becker

  • Dan McKenzie

  • Jean Peters

  • Dave Carlsruh

  • Dave Bishline

  • Michelle DuPree

  • Dan Nies

  • Carrie Loeffel

  • Christian Balzer

  • Ben Kumming

  • Padt Weston

  • Jeff Bauche

  • Lori Morgan

  • Brian Kennelly

  • Kevin Corcoran

  • Adam Kinney

  • Claudia Billen

  • Drew Smith

  • Emily Demars

  • Angie Cornish

†:Last updated on May 27, 2001, at 11:04AM Central Standard Time.

Oh, and for those of you that only read this entry to find out what the secret to life is, as the subject line suggests, well, I'm sorry...I don't know it. Buy a fortune cookie, or something.

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