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Who knew I'd ever eventually write another actually meaningful entry? I certainly didn't, but I was driven by all sorts of emotion to do so.

Tomorrow (Now today, actually) a lot of my friends leave for school. This time of year saddens me. It's still hard, though, for me to say that I wish this summer hadn't been so mediocre...on the one hand, if it had been better, I'd be more sorry to see it go...on the other hand, who likes a mediocre summer?

Don't get me wrong; the summer began good, on a high note (saw High Fidelity with some good friends), even, and will prob'ly end on a sort of high note (the purchase of a car by myself, for myself) also. However, what has come in between has been a mixed blessing. Whereas I made a lot of money and even had some fun doing so, it was more often than not a shame that I had to spread myself so thick on something like work, subtracting from the potential to get to know some friends better, and just to get to be with other friends.

For some reason, it seems as though I didn't spend enough time with anyone, even those with whom I did, in fact, spend a substantial amount of time. Basically, summer needs to be about nine months long. Unfortunately, it's not, as I'm sure you all well know. I'm not particularly looking forward to this school year, for what may or may not be obvious reasons, but at least I don't have to move, and ev'ryone knows where to find me, still. Sad, but true, and convenient.

I'm kind of sorry I didn't get to say any final words to certain people who are leaving relatively early tomorrow, or who've already left: Ty, Emily, Becky Bott, Cammie, Christian, Dan(?), Lauren Eilers, Dustin, KiP, Nicole Duffy, Lindsey Eilers...I'm sad at this aspect of the summer, and even maD, at a coUple of theSe people, cuz They dIdNt call mE even one tIme alL summER long...Some friEndS, but I'll not name names, and I'm a pretty forgiving guy...everything just seemed to happen so fast, and before I knew it, summer's as good as over. I reckon I'll try to reach Ty and Christian tomorrow; I'd told Ty that I would help him move in, but he never contacted me about that. I work 4:00PM 'til close tomorrow, and while I have to go look at/for cars sometime before that, I don't reckon it'd be too big a deal to move him in. Doesn't look like it's in the cards, though.

Then there're the people that I didn't even see at all this summer, in spite of attempts on my part: Lindsey Becker, Ashlee, Dave B., Dave J., Nicole, Sarah N., Kerri B., Becky T....such is life, I reckon. Perhaps I'll try to contact these people in the coming day/days, just to see if perhaps they're still at home.

All of my plans for this evening fell through. Chillin' with Lori, chillin' with Chad, chillin' with Christian, chillin' with Bobbi, chillin' with Ty, chillin' with Jason, chillin' with Ava, and going to the house of the guy who's helping me buy a car to talk car-stuff...every last one of them became obscured and impossible for one reason or another. So, instead, I came home, installed a doorknob, got bored, felt sorry for myself, and ultimately got online. 'Tis a shame, but I suppose I should get used to being disappointed given the nature of what the next nine months will be like.

I wish summer weren't so hot, or was more eventful, or longer, or something. The long and short of it, though, is that this summer was substantially sub-par, and downright bogus. If this is any reflection on how good the school year will be, it'll prob'ly kill me (if it is that bad, I can only hope that it'll kill me, whether for living with my parents and family, or away from my friends, or having to drive for at least an hour each day for school, or taking meaningless classes, or not getting enough sleep, et c.).

I think you all get the point. I don't feel like focusing on the good points of my summer, few and far between though they were. It's 3:00AM, and I need to shut up.

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