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Is anyone out there looking to move into a place come August (like less than two weeks from now)? We got a place. Lemme tell ya 'bout it.

I live in University City, about a block north of Blueberry Hill at the corner of Enright and Interdrive (very close to Westgate at Delmar); walking distance to any loop business, the Delmar MetroLink station, and the Washington University Hilltop Campus (free shuttle stops practically right in our backyard, as do Metro buses). My roommate and I are looking for a person to move into our soon-to-be-gone roommate's room (the lease ends when July ends). Large closet (in the room you'll be in), $800 rent split three ways (phone, gas, & electric additional; also split three ways), high ceilings, all appliances already here (central heat/air, fridge, toaster, blender, microwave, stove, oven); no dishwasher. No smoking or large pets (no cats/dogs). Full one-year lease. One Bathroom. Second floor of building. No handicap access. Storage and laundry facility ($1.00 wash/$1.00 dry) in basement. Dumpster in alley behind building (no curbside pickup). Parking along street (no garage or other covered parking). Occasional parties. Constant and unwavering cleanliness, tidiness, respect for the property of others, responsibility for the property of yourself, and organization a MUST.

Yeah Wa-BAM!

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