RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Every Last Bit Of It

Well, I worked today, but only for about five hours and fifteen minutes. Oh, well, that's still about seven hours of overtime; my next paycheck'll only be for one week anyway. We got paychecks today, and somehow I received about sixty dollars more (gross) than I thought I would. I certainly am not complaining.

After work, out of which I got at about 3:30PM, I walked home and got ready to go to see X-Men on opening night with Chad Kennedy (we bought our tickets last night when we went to see The Perfect Storm, which also was quite good). At any rate, we saw X-Men at 5:30PM, and it was great. I'd like to see it again. The casting was perfect in almost every respect, the acting was great, the story was far from lacking, the costumes and makeup and art direction made it super keen-looking, and there was much more to it than just the surface story. See it at the earliest possible time.

After the movie, I was supposed to go to a hockey game in which a bunch of my friends were playing. Before the movie, Ty called me to tell me that I should call him after I got back from the movie and before I left for the hockey game. As it turned out, Ty left without waiting for my call, so I called his cell phone just as he was turning into Queeny Park (where the hockey game was played). I didn't have a ride, so my plans for the night were basically shot, sadly. I ended up calling Chad back, and we went to his house to watch Scream 2 and Scream 3, of which the latter was much better and a great ending to the trilogy, though not as good as the original, which I believed to be quite brilliant. All in all, I'm thankful for Chad's being there; we had fun. I'm still kinda sorry I missed the hockey game, I was quite looking forward to going; not cuz I like hockey or anything, but just cuz I thought it might be fun. I feel bad cuz I told everyone I was gonna be there, but couldn't find a ride at the last minute. I dressed up and everything...{sigh}.

While we were at the mall today, I saw Kelly Grubbs (the first person to talk to me in Orchestra class in 9th grade) and Kendra Crocker. How odd that, a little over three and a half years after making the film Squids of the Mall, I should see Kendra Crocker, whose house and self appear semi-prominently or prominently in the film. In fact, she mentioned said movie, as if it were some forever-lost artifact. I bet she was surprised when I mentioned I'd seen it several times since its making.

Anyway, I work tomorrow (actually today, since it's almost six in the morning and I haven't yet gone to bed) at two PM, 'til close, and on Sunday, I'm off to California, then straight on up to southern Oregon. I'm not looking forward to it whatsoever, but if you don't get any journal entries or commentary from me for some time, that should tell you why. I'm off like a Bride's pajamas.

Over 'N' Out.

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