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It appears as though I've been a less courteous E-Bayer than I thought. Check out these up-to-date stats:

Positive Feedback Received From Others: 46
Positive Feedback Left For Others: 40
Unreturned Positive Feedback Left By Me: 5
Unreturned Positive Feedback Left By Others For Me: 9

I don't even know how that happened, but I'll try to avoid such inconsiderate bE-Bayvior in the future (get it? E-Bay + behavior = bE-Bayvior?)!

I wish there were a way to go back and leave feedback for or demand feedback from past auctioneers, but there really isn't. I will say, I've never had an E-Bay auction go TOO sour (though one time a CD never arrived, so I contacted the dude, and he sent another, and it never arrived, so I contacted him again, and third time was indeed the charm--sometimes ya just can't blame people, even if for all I know he's some jerk who sits at home hoping people won't leave him bad feedback and gypping people on E-Bay or whatever--God, I E-Mailed him so many times, I still remember his E-Mail address)...which is why I feel bad for not leaving feedback for all of those kind folks who left ME feedback,

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