RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Silkwood Milkwood

So, it's Tuesday at about 2:15PM, and I was at work from 4:39AM 'til 1:30PM. Great, huh? I love the opening shift, but I wish Jason had been there with me openin'. Hopefully, he will be on Thursday, the next time I open.

I should do something tonight; I don't work 'til 2:00PM tomorrow. I believe I work with Ron at that time, and we have three, yes, three humungous sandwiches to make...three feet long each. What's more, we're donating them, which doesn't matter much to me, since I'm paid by the hour. I took on some more responsibility today, since our Manager Michele is not back at work yet...seems I'll be calling in the weekly net sales while she's gone. I also ordered some produce, but that's nothing new; I've been doing that for some time.

Some other cool things I did at work today due to boredom and/or creative craziness:

  • Changed the "Specials" board to look all bright and cool
  • Changed the Answering Machine message to sound much more friendly (call it after 10:00PM to be assured that you'll hear it)
  • Bagged thirty-six bags of ice (that's approximately 288 pounds of ice) on one cartload (it may seem silly, but that's quite a feat)

Well, that's all, really, but it was fun. I got almost nine hours in, doing stuff that was relatively fun.

Last night I went to a CD store called Slacker's for the first time, and bought the soundtrack to High Fidelity. It was that or the actual DVD of Caddyshack or Spies Like Us, and it was quite the decision, but I'm glad for it. I'm listening to the CD right now. Maybe I'll get those other movies soon...or maybe I should get a car, then a DVD Player first. Man, I'm a loser.

So, there's no central air conditioning in our house, and there never has been. To boot, the window air conditioner in my room doesn't work anymore; it blows air out, but it doesn't tend to be as cold as it needs to be in order to combat such terrible summer weather as St. Louis dishes out all the time. It's pretty hot in here right now, and in spite of the fact that my a/c doesn't work super-well, it's turned on, and seems to be making the room better than the hallway outside. Summer blows. In particular, summer in St. Louis in my house (most of the summers I've known) blow. 'Nuff said.

Tonight, I think I'll call Alicia to see if she is in town again yet. If not, well, I reckon I'll do something with someone else.

"Lo Boob Oscillator," indeed.

Over 'n' Out.

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