RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson


What an interesting few days. First of all, I went to the parties of Jamie Collins and Bob Sullivan (vote Bob in 2016), and had some...shall we say, drinks? I don't think I've ever gone that extreme in my entire life. It was nuts; I even hit on a girl. I mean, for crying in the sand...the explanation for why I did so is there, though. I always have the most fun at Jamie's and Bob's parties, I realized...drinking or no.

Tonight, I went to the Tivoli to see Dead Alive for the second time. It was very nearly as funny, and I knew JoB would like it. Perhaps one day I shall own the movie. This time, I went with JT, Jason, JoB, and Greg Garbo (drove 'em all in my van). Speaking of driving, I got my first ticket on the way from JT's parents' house to the Tivoli...on Clarkson, of course, in that speed trap. I was going sixteen MPH over. Major Bummer, but it's all part of the life experience, I suppose.

Also, I saw Alison Derrick at the movie. What a fantastic person; I haven't seen her for at least a year. She promised we'd hang out sometime, though. That girl is absolutely adorable, and the nicest person you'll ever meet, to boot.

I was in a most irritable mood at work today. Not just a bad mood, but an irritable as all heck mood. The kind of mood where you don't want to talk to anybody, especially strangers who order $3.35 worth of special-order, hard to ring up, pain-in-the-neck to make food, then pay with a $100.00 bill, after riffling through stacks of 1s and 5s, and neglect to think for a second that perhaps we can't break such a large bill, being a fast food joint. Or the folks who ask "can I pay with a credit card here?"...those people are hopeless. For crying out loud, you can't use yer credit card at any other fast food place; why on EARTH would you be able to use it at ours? I mean, sure, there are those that know we take credit cards (in a way), cuz they've been there before, but why in the name of hell and tarnation would someone ask a fast food place if they took credit cards? People are idiots! AHHHHHH!

So, that's enough of that rant. Everyone go see Dead Alive, it's well worth a see if you can stomach it.

Over 'n' Out.

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