RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Day Of Judgment, God Is Calling

I reckon I should say something in my defense, to save some semblance of decency in the face of Jason's besmudging of my good name. First of all, I really wasn't drunk like he makes it sound like I was. As I've said before, I had been awake for nearly twenty-four hours prior to the point, and almost seventeen of those hours were spent at work (I believe I set a record for longest shift ever worked there). That'll do strange things to any man (or to any whatever-I-am, for that matter). Oh, well...it's money (and lots of it) in the bank.

My Fourth of July was spent working for 4½ hours for what is apparently double pay; if not, pay and a half. Either way, that should be cool. This next paycheck is gonna be another monster; I just know it. After work, though (which only lasted from 9:40AM 'til 2:10PM), my parents and brother were throwing a barbecue/party, and I called about thirty-five people to see if they wanted to come or if they had other plans, and of those people, many said they might come, but nobody concreted it. In the end, only Ava and Adam Kinney (with his girlfriend, or whatever) came, and at separate times. Oh, well, what can you expect when you're a loser like me? At least Dan had the decency to call and say that he wouldn't be coming. Instead, he went to Chili's with Kevin Corcoran, Becky Bott, Amanda Taucher, and prob'ly some other people he didn't mention. Who the heck knows? It surprised me that Dan actually called back anyway. I got the shaft on the fourth; couldn't really do anything, so I just stayed home, then went to bed around 10:30PM or so...I had to wake up for work the next day at 4:00AM (work at 5:00AM; got there around 4:50AM).

As for last night, it did, indeed, mark the first meeting of the Loser's Club, of which I am President and Jason is Vice-President. I don't know why we set it up like a Republic; I may as well be the King, considering my Loserishness (is that even a freakin' word?) is so supreme. At any rate, JoB and Ty set off some Saturn Missiles in front of Ron's house while Sara was over there, after we threw rocks at his window to get his attention and turned Sara's windshield wiper blades around backwards. Oh, man...we are such losers, just kill us all now...

So the next meeting will prob'ly be at Chad's house, and it'll prob'ly be just movie-watching (Perhaps Sleepy Hollow, finally. Cool movie, though. Apparently, JT and Brad aren't even part of the Loser's Club at all anymore...Chad's just on probation, though, and holding the next meeting at his house would take him out of that. Listen to me, I make it sound as if this is the biggest freakin' deal in the world...spoken like a true Loser, I guess. Anyone else wanna join?

Tonight, I got home and there were six messages on the answering machine. Only one was for me; it was Michelle DuPree calling me back from awhile ago when I'd called (Fourth of July, of course). We chatted, and I did some laundry gook, then I was gonna go to Nigel's to watch Falling Down with Nigel and Jamie, but by the time I remembered about that and decided I'd like to do so, it was midnight and I was wearing my pajamas. Another cool movie. Anyway, I fell asleep cuz my brother claimed he needed to use the phone, and when I signed off, he just kinda signed on...oh, well. I woke up around 3:00AM, and here I am. What a life this loser leads.

Over 'n' Out.

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