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Altered Borscht

Man Altered Beast is just so sweet. I'm getting fevers thinking about getting a Sega Genesis (in anticipation of Coire's move-out) and there are some for under $10 (and even $5) on E-Bay. With games!

Also I've been looking at Beer glasses (goblets, mostly) imprinted with the brand names of awesome beers like Stag, Falstaff, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Stroh's, Schlitz, Miller High Life, Natural Light, Busch, Lone Star, Old Style, and so on and so forth. And Belt Buckles, too; those are sweet.

It's nice to know that soon I'll (hopefully) be making enough money so that a $10 belt buckle doesn't seem like the ripoff that it does now.

I changed my work-wallpaper to be the Altered Beast opening bas-relief ancient sculpture-looking thing.

Man, I are sooooooo the articulate guy who says what things made of letters he tries to get across sometimes.

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