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Out Of The Touch

Hey all, I know I haven't updated for several days now, but that just means you get a longer entry, whether for good or bad.

To start off, I'd like to welcome Chad Kennedy and Greg "Status Kwo" Kuo to LiveJournal. Welcome, fellas.

On Thursday night, I went with Ty Craft, Chad Kennedy, Dustin Mendoza, Jason Young, and Dan Thompson to see Chicken Run; we met Nigel Morton, Sara Pilarski, and Ron Warner at the theatre. It was quite the keen flick; very enjoyable, funny, some great references to famous jailbreak and other classic films, et c. See it sometime; claymation rocks anyway, especially the Wallace & Grommit type.

Friday night, I saw what is supposed to be (statistically) the goriest movie ever made. It's a cult classic of great proportion, and goes by the title Dead Alive here in America, but by the title of Braindead in many other countries (the film is from New Zealand and is directed by Peter Jackson). I was expecting, after all I read, to be disgusted with it, like, to the point of vomiting or pants-wetting, but what ended up happening was that I found myself laughing at this film more than I've ever laughed at any other in the theatre, I believe. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was rather disgusting, but it's so cheesy, so intentionally cheesy, and humorous, that I couldn't help myself. I didn't even have any of the nightmares that I was sure I would. Oh, well, I reckon that's a good thing. I went to the movie with Matt Smith and his sister Emily, who I think got pretty scared, which is cool, and we met Ron and Sara Pilarski there. After that, Matt, Emily, and I went to Dan Thompson's house, where he was having a party of sorts. It was pretty lame, but entertaining when Dan flew off the handle and starting yelling back and forth with Steve Walsh (this was subsequent to Dan's going nuts and punching a hole in the bathroom wall cuz he couldn't figure out how to turn the shower off and someone spilled a little beer on a tile floor). JT Bromberger took me home after takin' Jon "JoB" Becker home. Dan's parties always tend to depress me, for some reason. I mean, parties in general depress me, for whatever reason, but Dan's in particular depress me to an exceptional degree. I wonder about that. I think I know why it is, but I'd rather not share here. Let's just say it has nothing to do with Dan.

On Saturday night, I went to Fair St. Louis with Ty. We met Nigel, Nigel's girlfriend, Derek Harper, Derek's girlfriend (AKA Dustin Mendoza's sister Amanda), a girl named Sally, Eric Hulser, and TJ Supranowich there. I had worked with Nigel for a good part of the day. The Fair was cool; we watched the fireworks and all that good stuff. Afterwards, I went over to Bobbi Pernikoff's aunt's house, where she was staying that night. I had a bit of trouble finding the place, but that was due to faulty directions on Bobbi's part. I arrived at the same time as Becky Ehrbar, whom I've not seen in some time. It was good to see her again, she's such a nice girl. Not much happened there, I caught the tail end of Stand By Me on a channel known as "Bravo!" The three of us just did a bit of chatting, and that was that.

Sunday after church, I went to Bluebird park to participate in celebratory activities on behalf of Dustin's niece Liliana (known affectionately as "Lilly" or "Lili"), whose second birthday (third, if you count the actual day of her birth, which nobody seems to do) it was. It was fun; I saw Doug Ashton and Derek and Amanda and Dustin's other sister Gabby (the mother of Lili) and Paco (the father of Lili)and Dustin's parents there. I wanted to swing at the Piñata, but didn't get the chance. It started raining, so we all went back to Dustin's house to continue the festivities. It was overall fun; that kid Lili is absolutely adorable. I even got to take home some birthday cake since the cake was so huge; that was also a plus, it was good cake.

Today (Monday), I worked from 4:53AM 'til 1:05PM. Ty left at about 7:30AM; he was there with me at 4:53AM, and actually was the one that gave me a ride to work. I have to open by myself on Wednesday, which means early to bed tomorrow (Tuesday), but I'll survive, I'm sure. I've done more unbelievable things. I went and saw Shaft, which was somewhat of a remake of the earlier film version of Shaft. Richard Roundtree played the original John Shaft, and he played the same part as the uncle of Samuel L. Jackson's new Shaft in this new version. Overall, it was pretty keen; John Singleton is quite a good director in my opinion. I went to the movie alone, since all of my friends have either already seen it and don't wish to see it again, or don't wish to see it for a first time. I wanted to see it, though, so I went. It was fun. Speaking of going to movies alone, I've been deemed the President of a local Loser's Club here, which also seems to include Ty Craft, Jason Young, Chad Kennedy, Jon "JoB" Becker, Ben Kumming, and maybe some others as time goes on. Our first meeting is on Wednesday night. I'm sure Jason would like to fill you in on what shall happen at said "meeting." If any other losers out there would like to come to our meeting, you must first pass an interview conducted by either Mr. Young or myself. We are the only two authorized to induct losers into our club.

That's all there is to report for now, as far as "what's been happening in my life." Only, like, five people have responded to my poll, so I'll conduct it again (or at least try to):

Have you ever heard the expression "I betchya Dollars to Donuts?"

I imagine that most people don't get this far in my long, boring journal, and that's why they haven't been responding much to the question. Come on; even if you aren't a LiveJournal user, you can still post commentary. Perhaps next time you jerks don't respond to it, I'll put it up at the top of my entry (entries?). By the way, the only reason I ask is cuz I thought that the saying was, like, a universally known thing, then I said it at work the other day, and Ben Kumming was like "what on earth?" It startled me that he had never heard that, especially since he had Ms. Jean Peters for a teacher several times (though that's not where I first heard the expression, by any stretch of the imagination, she did use it sometimes). Oh, well. Just curious.

Happy American Independence Day, y'all.

Over 'n' Out.

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