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This Is For People Like D. Mike With Non-Working E-Addresses!

My friends! I have recently finished the shooting of a movie in French entitled *Pour Chaque «Non»* (*For Every "No"*). This is great news, cuz it means I'm that much closer to REAL graduation! However, a problem is posed in that I must now develop the film on which the movie was shot. Sadly, this is to cost around $1000. Oof!

To help pay for this, I am having a small handful (two or three) of benefit concerts/shows in the St. Louis area. The first of these is to occur on Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (directions in a minute). This is a drug- and alcohol-free community-oriented art space that has graciously offered us the opportunity for what promises to be a most excellent benefit concert. More information at http://www.lemp-arts.org. The show will cost $5 and doors will be open at 8:00PM. The show is expected to be over before 11:00PM sometime.

The bands playing the benefit include, and are probably limited to, the following (in no particular order):

MUSTARDFISH/GOOGOLPLEXIA: I am not sure if MustardRon can play
this show or not, but if he cannot, I will be performing solo-style. Expect to hear me/us singing in French in honor of the nature of the movie. This'll be an abbreviated set, and will probably only occur between the setting up and taking down of other bands' gear. Acoustic-style. Probably.

singer/songwriter Bill Michalski (also of Prune) and his hand-picked backing band whose light-hearted jabs at a host of subjects from Urban Sprawl to Pie to the cosmic and romantic impossibility of finding Ms. Perfect provide for an intimate and entertaining time.

THAT'S MY DAUGHTER: A relatively new band comprised of Jaffa
Aharonov (Cuando Greg & The Chives), Lindsay Reber Visibility Troop), Sara Oberst, and Tim Dreste (or rather, their respective alter egos Peter Panty, Joey Jerker, Tammy Whacker, and Mo Meat). Excellent energy and a (mostly) grrrl-rockin' time.

THE PTA: Yes, you read correctly: The PTA! Putting in a special reunion appearance, the PTA will rock you (that includes you, Amadeus) with their energetic (if heartbreaking...not to mention, sweaty) accounts of teen and post-teen love mishaps, horniness, and the ever-present
frustration presented by the existence of fraternity brothers. Featuring Pat Walsh (arriving THAT NIGHT just to rock YOU), Mike Jostedt, and original (!) drummer Tommy Schmitz! If you missed 'em when they were still OFFICIALLY together, don't make the same mistake twice!


Interstate 44 (east for most of you)
Exit at Interstate 55 SOUTH
Exit at ARSENAL, take a RIGHT
Immediate LEFT onto LEMP
Two blocks up on the right, at LEMP & UTAH
3301 LEMP (You'll see a painting of a big bottle and the word ARTZ! on
the building)

Please come on out to help yer buddy RØB raise money for his
ultra-expensive movie (not to mention, to see some awesome bands that'll not likely appear on the same bill together again for a long time, if ever!). Rock on, my friends!

And bring your friends!

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