RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Your Order Number Is One-Sixteen

Earlier this evening, I was on the way to the church to drop my sister off, when I saw Dan Thompson driving. Well, my plans had (prior to that point) consisted of seeing a movie alone and then going to Chad Kennedy's house to watch Hurlyburly cuz his Father is sick and was using the DVD-ROM in bed (we were going to watch Sleepy Hollow in accordance with the initial plan), but I called Dan from church, and he said he'd like to go with me to the movie. Well, he'd seen Gone In Sixty Seconds twice already, but he was very eager to see it once again. However, the show at West Olive was sold out, so we went to Des Peres and caught the 9:00PM of Road Trip, then the 11:00PM of Gone In Sixty Seconds (When Kevin Corcoran joined us). Therefore, tonight, I saw the movies Road Trip and Gone In Sixty Seconds. The former was quite funny, and the latter, while exhilerating and interesting, didn't appeal to me quite as much as people made me think it would. Still worth a see, though.

Tonight, while I was at home, I thought maybe Bobbi would call me, but she didn't. Also, I thought Alicia would call me, but she didn't, either. So much for "I'll call you this weekend" or "I'll call you later this week." Pfff.

With each passing day, I come closer and closer to acquiring a car. I'm quite happy about that. Maybe I'll get this keen-looking Volvo in AutoTrader, or maybe I'll buy Dan's Crown Victoria. Either one could be quite cool.

I forgot to mention that Jason has a LiveJournal now; or maybe I did mention it and I've just forgotten. At any rate, he's got one; follow the link above to see it. Welcome, Jason.

I know there was some other stuff I wanted to say, but for the life of me, I can't think of it. So I'll leave you with the following question/poll:

Have you ever heard the expression "I betchya dollars to donuts"?

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