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It's Another Time For The Giving And Receiving Of Gifts!

All right guys, this time there's no messin' around. It's for

Monday, January 12th, 7:30PM
at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (Corner of Lemp & Utah in St. Louis, MO--http://www.lemp-arts.org) The Third Annual Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza! Featuring (in no particular order):

PATRICIA TOLENTINO, locally renowned "girl with a guitar." (Mostly) sensitive (but clever) lyrics and a dignified, friendly sense of humor are what draws people to Patti (in my own opinion). Think a little bit of Tracy Chapman, a little bit of Aimee Mann, and a little bit of Cyndi Lauper (but not at the same time, and not all of the time, and maybe not even at all).

THE OTTOMEN, bringing their excellent and eccentric songs about everything from Indians to Dandelions to He-Man Action Figures to Fred Rogers to who-knows-what? Featuring current and former members of such hotshot outfits as The Ambiguous "They," SHed SHot, and Vargas Swing (I think), but rocking out like there's no tomorrow in a manner best described as "Otto-riffic."

GOOGOLPLEXIA AND THE ROADKILL ALL-STARS, a four-piece, hand-picked backing band outlet for the songs of myself, RØB Severson (Mustardfish), who appeared solo-style at last year's Xmas Round II (hey, I made up the holiday, can't I play the corresponding rock show whenever I like?), featuring Bill Michalski (Prune, the Leftovers), Justin DiCenzo (The
Ottomen, SHed SHot), and Keith Hueffmeier (local filmmaker; *A Bright Idea* and *Lighter*). Expect lots of CASIO keyboard, and lots of silly slop-pop to take place (only in the most professional of manners, though, you understand).

There may be other acts, but they will be SURPRISES! (And only slightly less surprising to me than to you).

Come on out for another time of year for the giving and receiving of gifts! Free Xmas Round II Musical Bonanza keepsake favors for all in attendance (or as long as they last). Other merchandise available where applicable or existent. I'm missing my first day of school for this, so
feel free to do the same!

Cover charge is $5 (Five Dollars). All ages welcome. No booze, drugs, violence, hatred, or misery allowed. All proceeds go to benefit the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center in all of its homespun support and glory!

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