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I Been Around The World A Million Times

Tonight was the grand opening of SLIFF. It was nuts. All these people were dressed up like characters from the movie, then there were other people just dressed like clowns and other such crazy people. Baton Bob was dressed as this minor character in the beginning of the movie (again, The Triplets of Belleville, whose original French title is Les Triplettes de Belleville and whose UK title is Belleville Rendez-Vous for some retarded reason) and he was wearing a yellow speedo with lots of faux pearl necklaces and a tiny skirt made of plastic bananas. It was pretty ridiculous!

I worked concessions and this other guy who was dressed up as some Bourbon Street hooker/can-can dancer/whatever comes up and is like "Bonsoir," then proceeded to order some stuff in a French accent. I was working register and I go "Alors, qu'est-ce que nous avons ici?" and he totally broke character and said in stereotypical gay-dude lispy voice "Oh don't start now." And I stood there thinking "Umm, I didn't start; you did." Then he proceeded to say some crap about how I was getting smart with him.

Rich folks is really stupid! Lots of 'em couldn't tell where the line started so they just came up to me (NOT where the line starts) and made their order. One guy did it and I was like "Oh, it's sorta chaotic here, there's a line right here, it ends somewhere back there" but he acted like he didn't hear me, even though I was talking right to him, and was just like "Medium popcorn blah blah" or whatever. It was like "Man, you are dumb." Then this other guy paid for some $23.75 order (ridiculous even for a movie theatre!) and paid with a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL (another stupid move) and DIDN'T EVEN TAKE HIS CHANGE BEFORE HE WALKED AWAY. So I set this $76.25 on the counter right next to me, and said something about it, then some girl I was working with, Stacey, was like "Oh, I'll go find him!" It was sort of a bummer. I should have just kept quiet, and if he came back, done the proper thing, but as hectic and busy as it was there, I wasn't about to leave my post! Plus, seventy six big ones coulda come in handy! I figured most of the dipshits there would be rich dopes anyway, since the whole shebang cost like $75 to get into anyway (this included an after-movie party at Chase Park Plaza and shit). What's more, you'd be surprised how many people don't even finish a [soda, popcorn, bottle of water] that costs like three and a half bucks. Seriously, we sell like 12oz. bottles (approximately 33cL for you European folk!) of water for THREE TWENTY-FIVE, I found one in the theatre afterward that was 2/3 full. Anyway, at least I got some cool buttons that depicted characters from the movie. I should have supposed working SLIFF might be a bit like dealing with somehow rich shitheads who apparently never made it through "social correctness school", Wild Horse Mobil style. Still, I got to see (most of) the movie again! That's a definite "buy-right-when-it-comes-out." Maybe it and Lost In Translation will come out at the same time.

Then later I had a great idea for Mustardfish! Ping!

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