RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Tonight was interesting. Carrie Loeffel came over at about 5:30PM, and we ate dinner in the cafeteria, then at about 6:15PM or so, we left here and went to Uncle Bill's (the greatest Pancake and Dinner House ever, for you non-St. Louisans), waited for Carrie's friend Jamie Bausch (sp? I work with her boyfriend, incidentally), then went into Uncle Bill's. Since Carrie and I had eaten, we each just had pie (I had cappucino pie--very nice), but Jamie had some full meal thing. After that, we just kinda hung around outside Uncle Bill's, then Carrie and Jamie decided they're going to visit their friends in Springfield, Missouri, tonight. Woulda been fun to go with 'em, and even though my final isn't 'til 5:30PM tomorrow, I need to study at least somewhat for it. "History of Western Art II," indeed. I haven't read a page in the textbook, and I hardly ever listen in the lectures. Good thing I took this very same class just two semesters ago, eh? Anyway, so they decided to go to Springfield, we didn't do much besides eat, eat, eat, and I missed the Simpsons--both episodes, of course. Bummer. Oh, well; chances are relatively good they were ones I already had anyway. Fun times. Maybe I'll study now, or, more likely, I'll watch a movie or lounge around and goof off on the computer. Over 'n' Out.

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