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Arp! Arp!

I'm in PARIS, FRANCE where the local time is 3:50AM and boy has this been a loaded trip! Andrew and I decided to make some film while I'm here (or rather, a video, with my parents' DV camera, which has many more options than I thought before--at first, it was really crappy and we were gonna have a tough time, but indeed it's got some manual settings!), so hopefully that'll get finished up tomorrow (it'll sort of have to, given how soonly we both leave Paris--Saturday morning/afternoon). Otherwise it's been a rockin' time eating dinner with strangers (very nice ones, though!) and hitting Parisian bars and seeing museums and monuments and watching movies and British MTV2 and so forth! Maybe a more full report will be made once I'm back home. Hopefully the video will act as a decent representation of Paris in general (that's sort of the point). I think internet time is over for me (perhaps Andrew himself will be surprised to note that I made this at like four AM!) so y'all will hear from me later on!

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