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Silt Wellingmeyer

Dudes, I just saw Kill Bill, Volume 01! It was pretty sweet; there was lots of fighting and crazy trickery and hot action, plus the soundtrack/score was really, REALLY great. And Sonny Chiba is in it! It's like all old westerns meet all kung fu movies meet all samurai movies and bundle 'em all up and say POW! I tried to get people to go with me, but alas it was difficult to find company able and willing to drop everything and/or make it all the way to the Tivoli on ten minutes' notice. Oh, well! Lots of my friends were there anyway (after all, it's my friends what done tol' me about it!). So basically it's pretty typical Tarantino, but as far as I'm concerned, with the guy's directorial ventures, he's two for three (not a bad record for a guy who was/is practically a household name, and possibly THE household name in film directing after Spielberg) as far as "great stuff," but this was pretty insanely cool, even if it wasn't "good" (which it might have been. Lemme think awhile, maybe even see it again). Anyway, it was a good time, and seeing movies before they come out always rocks, ya know? Not to mention, being in a theatre with no more than ten other people, all of whom you pretty much know. What's more, I saw not one, not two, but fully THREE previews, ALL of movies I wanted to see! (Matrix III, Lord of the Rings III, and The Human Stain) So yippee all around for 12:30AM unreleased movie time!

Other than that hopefully it's filming time again on Sunday! Tomorrow is locations-finding time. Saturday is company barbecue/hayride time! Hopefully this will be an eventful and profitable weekend. WAHOO!

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