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Hey Spike, I'm Sorry I Got You Pregnant

Dang dudes! It seems like I had a lot to say, but now that I'm doing this, I'm not remembering some stuff!

For sure, we shot a little more of the movie, on Saturday and Monday. Hopefully this coming Sunday (the 5th) will be a large and eventful/productive shooting day. Tomorrow is locations-time, even though nobody'll go with me; it's a "once and for all" deal.

I went to a thrift store and got six pairs of socks, a movie (Max Dugan Returns), and three books (The Godfather, a first printing of Portnoy's Complaint, and Fun Time Projects: Earth & Sky) for like five and a half dollars. It was totally sweet.

Matt Harnish hasn't returned my E-Mail!

I'm going to Paris on the 18th of October, via Boston! Wawoo!

I got Jump Tomorrow on DVD and am SUPER HAPPY about that! I also got and Batman The Movie (the original, dudes). Brad made me a nifty sign for the movie and Dan sent me the Dirge CD! And I got a Maurice Sendak book called Kenny's Window at a garage sale in Dallas. As I acquire books (and now, CDs and movies) I manage to somehow just toss them in this pile that's been forming in my room, rather than put them where they belong. I need to take care of that. That, and our front room, which is much more cluttered than need be.

I feel all filthy, and I shower more infrequently now than ever in my life, but I really don't feel bad about that. I've never been a huge advocate of frequent showers, and still believe that daily showers are not only a waste of time, but not necessarily healthy for you.

I need to do laundry and grocery shop and the like, but I think I'm gonna wait 'til my paycheck comes on Thursday and my check from Webster University comes in on whenever, then just deposit everything at once. BAM! I'll feel rich for a second.

I'm really glad Nick Gartner's my Director of Photography and not some OTHER unnamed local "hotshot" cinematographer. Nick doesn't talk down to me, as if I know nothing or am otherwise a dipshit about film and everything else. For Christ's sake, I took Advanced Cinematography and Advanced Filmmaking and everything; I know a thing or two. There's no reason to be condescending. I have a feeling that my original plans would've led to a lot of upset; I'm glad those plans changed to include Nick as my cinematographer. Bigtime.

I wish I could get a damned producer on the project, but Marcus seems busy. OH! Also, I got a part in a DV feature that is being made by my former roommates Matt McLaughlin and Amanda Thomas. Well, I guess it's Matt & Amanda McLaughlin, now. Anyway, they're making some movie about working in a movie theatre, and I'm the comedic foil of sorts (though the protagonist provides his own comic relief to a large degree, I'd say). It's a pretty good script, and I'm happy with my role. Plus I reckon I'm running sound for this business!

I meant to make a specific LJ entry on the 28th. I forgot to. Guess it'll have to wait even longer than it already has.

See, guys? I knew I'd find something to say.

Anybody hiring? I'm lookin' to QUIT. Gotta trick-or-treat, you know!

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