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Precision Is Neutral FOR REAL!

So indeed today was a sad day in the world of people named "Johnathan" (IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW, MUSIC LEGEND JOHNNY CASH AND TV SO-AND-SO JOHN RITTER BOTH DIED). I'm especially upset every time I think of the Cash issue, so I try not to do so. I know some people have already addressed this in their journals (Becky and Sara did so especially poetically and nicely; thanks girls) but I felt it necessary to say something myself.

I want to record Googolplexia. SO badly. I feel like I'm ready, but I also feel like maybe that's a premature feeling. Maybe I should finish Pour Chaque «Non» first. I need a producer.

I'm supposed to pick up my Mother and brother Rhett from the airport in like two hours, forty-five minutes. Ugh.

Tonight, I got off work, then went to see The Ring at midnight at the Tivoli. It was SUH-WEET! Then I got a drink with Coire and Lizz (COIRE WORE THE MUSTARDFISH COWBOY HAT!) and then watched some of The Philadelphia Story and then I chilled with Bobbi and Rob Ruzicka and heard about Rob's exploits in Vegas and THEN I talked to Lexie on the phone for like over an hour I think. We shoulda talked 'til it was time for me to go to the airport, but her phone was dying, and I think she was, too. It's nice to know you've got bestest friends in cities besides yer own, especially when yer own city's peoples is lettin' you down. And even more especially when yer bestest friends in other cities understand what's up when no one in yer own city seems to.

Before work I hung out with my old roommates MATT AND AMANDA. Matt is directing a DV feature entitled Diary of a Co-Worker about minimum wage America (having worked in movie theatres for most of his breadwinning career, as far as I know) and I auditioned and will prob'ly also do some sound recording. Marcus Freeman is producing the film, and he's a good producer as far as I've observed, and he's also one hell of a cool dude, so I'm gonna try to get him on Pour Chaque «Non» when I talk to him at Aaron Crozier's party tomorrow night (or rather, tonight). Anyway, it was nice to chat with Amanda and Matt again; I wish we hung out more, or better yet that they still lived here (nothing against my current COOL DUDE roommates, but having four people paying rent WAS nice). I haven't even seen their new place yet!

So now I'm sorta drinky (1 can PBR at Halo + a glass of Long Island Ice Tea mixed with Midori Melon + another glass of just the Long Island stuff), but don't really feel tired or otherwise like going to bed. Damn, and I was gonna scout some locations tomorrow, too. Ugh.

Tomorrow is some big day. First it's pick-up at the airport time, followed by errand in Shitsville (West County) time, followed by (possible) location scouting time, followed by (possible) company softball game/free beer/barbecue time, followed by Brad's show time, followed by (possible) Adversary Workers @ LNAC time, followed by Aaron Crozier's birthday party time. Remind me I gotta call Kyle and Nora for sure.

Sunday will hopefully be hang out with Ron day, I don't know if that'll happen or no, I haven't really talked to him about it yet but I feel bad about cooped-upness and general physical soreness and plus it's like YEAH RON AND I HAVE HUNG OUT IN LIKE THE PAST SIX MONTHS, OH FUCKIN' PSYCH. Well one can hope indeed! It's time to watch more of the movie now, I'll catch up with you jokers later on!

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