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So today was the day of the filming-time and yes WAPP WAPP it went much better than was hoped for or expected, WOW!

First of all I drove this new roommate of ours BOBBI (Actress) to Kaldi's which was the assigned meeting place for SEVEN O' CLOCK AM. Surprisingly, FIVE whole people whom I'd never met in my life showed up to be extras at that very time! (or shortly thereafter) KEITH (Sound Recordist) and AARON (Assistant Director) and RON (Lead Actor) were either there when I arrived or did so soonly afterward. KYLE (Equipment Wrangler) also came for some time and helped to retrieve equipment all day, and NICK (DP) and DAN (Gaffer) Gartner, too. There were several Freshman (?) dudes what Nick brought along whose names were DARRIA (sp?), TUCKER (His real name? Perhaps his last name?), WILL, and TODD. So, we had all the things necessary to BEGIN. So we did and we shot much stuff and then SHANNON (Other Actress) came along and played a taxi driver. Then it was lunchtime so we ate in shifts and waited around for awhile before starting up again. We also had to wait for some more people to show up to be in the movie, but it wasn't too too long before JAFFA and MARTHA and DAN and HUNTER and WILLIAM came along, and there were also three (well maybe two and a half) people there that I'd never met in person before in my life, just to be in the movie! So they were and did well. Everyone sounded convincing enough as they said or shouted «NON» or whatever and SOME people even SPITTED (like «NON» then «PTOO!» it was totally sweet). GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES. It were gettin' pretty late (I sort of managed against what I thought my abilities were to choreograph some kind of semblance of a busy street scene with Ron running into all sorts of people left and right) and we decided against starting on some new roll of film or some new location cuz THAT'D JUST BE NUTTY DUDE WOW! I mean, cuz then it'd be at least a week (prob'ly, but unfortunately) before we shoot again, and no sense in shooting like two minutes of film in some location we weren't sure we could make it to anyway, just to have to stop right there and return equipment that was otherwise necessary or whatever for safe-keeping the film. Anyway, to me it seemed a very productive day, we may only have completely shot one roll of film (give or take ten minutes) in some 11-hour day of shooting, but hey, that's better than nothing, and in fact, it's (mathematically) about 35% of the film (now that I've done a re-calculation, we actually did more like 32.2% of it). It was all ACTION! and then ROLL BABY ROLL! Plus all the actors did greatly and all the crew was in it together rockin' and rollin'. GEOFF even showed up at the very end as well! I don't think anyone else was there, but we had plenty of people for staging all of the crazy French antics that occurred and Bobbi's super-good French impressed me at least a little. Even Peat and Brian were there for awhile in the morning but apparently they were soused as heck and they didn't really stick around much or for very long before I guess they went back to the loop and got kicked out of some places and they weren't in the movie unfortunately but maybe later. Then Peat woke up at my place around 9:00PM while I napped on the couch and wondered how he'd gotten there. Also, he was late for some show he had to play in Wentzville and who knows what happened with that, and furthermore, who cares? Wentzville may as well be called Shitsville for all I care, and surely Lexie would agree with me on that one wholeheartedly (having lived there and all), and why anyone would bother playing a show there once, let alone twice or more, is way beyond my comprehension (it certainly isn't the first reasonlessly silly thing the Pubes have ever done, but I reckon that's some huge DUH).

So anyway, in summary, I got a job and found a new roommate and part of my final Webster-related work is finished so things seem less stressful, especially now that I know I'm somewhat capable of pulling off a generally successful shoot on a scale as large as that which today's was (indeed larger than anything I've really ever done before, most of which was like "let's just shoot at my apartment or someone I know's house or whatever"). So there's some confidence, and as long as I can get a coupla more locations (like tow truck company offices, sort of run-down looking, and indeed, a tow truck as well, not to mention, a bank and some general street scenes), the next shoot (hopefully hopefully hopefully August 31st) will run as smoothly as the first!

Well now COURTNEY just randomly showed up and this is prob'ly bedtime anyway. Tomorrow I guess is return-equipment time and pick-up-musical-instruments time and practice-with-Bill time then SHOWTIME! Come one come all.


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