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But Seriously:

Okay, so we aren't shooting anything on Friday. But we ARE shooting on Saturday, like all day. If'n ya wanna show up to help (we need extras, and plenty of 'em! This means all of you) in any way (PAs, grips, and extras all always appreciated, surely), show up at Kaldi's coffeehouse (comment or E-Mail or whatever for more information if you don't know where that is or how to get there or whatever) at 7:00AM. If you can't make it at seven AM (due to need for sleep, or lack of motivation, or work, or whatever), feel free to show up around noon or 1:00PM, we could use you THEN as an extra. Stay tuned to find out when other shooting days will be (that is to say, we aren't gonna finish the whole damned thing on Saturday, we're just gonna try 'n' finish a shitload of the outdoor shooting, maybe all of it if'n we're lucky, but there will be other shooting days). Uhh, yeah, that's all I got for now. See ya in the movies!

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