RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Disorderly Orderly

In response to BluMoonPebbles's question; no, I'm not a perpetually happy person. In fact, I'd wager that a lot of my close friends would tell you the opposite. Then again, what do I know?

Also, I'm usually a pessimist. The reason I looked at the bright side of rain on my way to work is because the rain really was a good thing. After walking several hundred yards in the sweltering heat, some rain was more than welcome. The 35¢ just made it even cooler, cuz when you think about it, people that drive to work (or anywhere, for that matter) lose money, whether in gas or wear 'n' tear or whatever. So, 35¢ (a phone call's worth of change, you know), some relatively great exercise, and a refreshing (however unsanitary) shower--very nice. Oh yeah; I'm also the kind of person that likes rain a lot. Whether just to watch, or to play in, or whatever. I'm not a fan of the sun, and I often profess to hate it. Winter is the coolest season (no pun intended).

Kudos to Evan for telling me how to do that gook with the Livejournal. Thanks a billion.

How did you two come across my Journal, anyway? Do you just kind of read around diff'rent peoples' journals, just for fun? I mean, I don't mean to sound incriminating, in fact, I'd do the same if I wasn't so lazy, and if I had more spare time. Thanks for reading, it's quite flattering.

In the news, I bought my first DVD tonight. Hopefully, we can watch it at Ty's house tomorrow night, but who knows? It's Sleepy Hollow, by the way, which rocked, for those of you who didn't see it. See it. Tim Burton is one extraordinary director, if I do say so myself. Definitely on my "top five directors" list. Speaking of "Top ___ Lists" regarding movies, did anyone watch that "AFI's 100 Funniest Movies" TV Special? I didn't, but don't worry about spoiling it for me; I already know a handful of pictures that are on there, including #1. I was glad to see some of the ones I saw on there, on there (i.e. Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, The Graduate, The Odd Couple, all the Mel Brooks stuff (especially The Producers), Charlie Chaplin stuff, et c. I think the #1 picture was deserving of the spot, though. I'll have to watch the special sometime soon; someone here at my house taped it without the commercials.

I've run out of interesting things to say for now (not that I had any to say in the first place), so I'll bid all Adieu. Over 'n' Out.

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