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Scattered Shours

I think some thugs just knocked on my door looking for me.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 24TH (Early enough that you prob'ly don't have to miss Radiohead, if you're going to that, for some reason!):

STUPID FUN! From 04:00PM (doors) 'til 08:00PM, it's some show I'm setting up at the Creepy Crawl! HERE IS THE LINEUP:

*Googolplexia (here is my solo act)
*Cuando Greg & The Chives (They play kazoos and buckets and shout loudly)
*Squadcar (I've heard they play zany metal and are a grand ol' hilarious time)
*Butt (surely you know these local lo-fi sloppy anti-pop heroes)
*Marching Powder (surely you don't know these wild and crazy KC rockers!)

More information: HERE!

I see also that the day before that, the 25 Suaves play the Creepy Crawl! With Sullen! Awesome Opossum!

Also, friends, I'm making a movie on the 22nd and 23rd of this very month (August). If'n you're interested in helping (crew-wise or cast-wise), keep an eye on this very journal! Or gimme a call if'n ya know the number/leave a comment on the journal.
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