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Rook! Chinzirra!

So this is the 200th entry. Right?

It's six-forty-two in the morning. I have not yet gone to bed, nor do I feel particularly tired. Summer sure sucks when it comes to getting things done, or sleeping regularly/properly.

So recently Ron reminded me inadvertently that I used to think "chinchillas" were called "chinzillas," but this was a long time ago, before I even knew what a chinchilla was; and based on my slaughtering of the name in my brain, I prob'ly thought it was some sort of reptile. Anyway, I think I should make a short film or perhaps a trailer for a nonexistant feature film called Chinzilla! about a humongous chinchilla that terrorizes some city or another. Maybe Albuquerque.

Also, I should write a senior overview.

My exploits at Bobbi's house the other day gave me another good idea for a film project.

Sunday, Alex and I went to see L'Auberge Espagnole at Plaza Frontenac. It was really great; lots of interesting characters and all from diff'rent countries. It was sort of like a mixed-nationality European Real World, only it had a point, and a main character. I really enjoyed it. We played some darts before the movie, and again afterwards, and went to Lion's Choice, and watched Planes, Trains, & Automobiles when we got back here, after making some banana milkshakes. Alex had never seen it before.

Monday (which I'd call "today," since I haven't gone to bed yet, if it weren't for how wrong that seems given the amount of light coming in through the windows) was pretty slow. I got nothing accomplished that I planned to. I played video games. Beat Illusion of Gaia. Started Final Fantasy II (I beat III some months ago, Russ is playing it now). Courtney called, SURPRISE! And so did Brien Seyle, and Cuando Greg, and Amy Whited, and my Mom, who I picked up from the airport at 9:00PM. Then I had to cart her around West County a little bit, but she gave me a little gas money and bought me a meal at Wendy's and brought up my ironing board and some mail that included CHECKS. Maybe today (Tuesday) I should go to Barnes & Noble and run amok; I have $45 in gift certificates.

It should be here noted that I have started to seriously consider enrolling in classes at the St. Louis School of Pharmacy. This is the first mention I've made of this to anyone, save for my mother, earlier tonight. Erm, last night. Erm, whenever.

Tick. Tock.

I'm reading Seize The Day by Saul Bellow. I'm only like four pages into it, though.

Gawd, I think Russ is actually getting up and getting ready for the day. Or maybe it's his girlfriend. I'm not sure, but I'd imagine she's here, since they don't spend any hour, waking or sleeping, apart, provided they're both in town.

I think today (Tuesday) I'm practicing with Cuando Greg and the Chives a little bit, to be a special guest for their set tonight at the Muff Dive. Maybe I'll bring a bass guitar along to play "Mayor McCheese" for fun. There's also that make-up graduation ceremony for the School of Communications, but I don't know if they expect us to wear our caps 'n' gowns or what. I don't really wanna go, and if it's gonna interfere with my guesting on a Chives set, I say screw it, and royally so.

Apparently Jeremy Quinn may be going to Yale much sooner than I was told (by Jeremy). This could cause problems with the Bob Goss benefit shows and the possibility of my taking Jeremy's library job when he leaves. If it's true that he's leaving very very soon (like before July 19th, when he said he was leaving), I really wish he'd have told me.

Maybe Euclid Records will call this week. Maybe I can get a job at Mehlville teaching nine-year-olds this-and-that.

For now, I'm gonna try 'n' get some sleep.

I'm still not tired, though.

It's six-fifty-five in the morning on June 24th, 2003. Happy 200th, ol' buddy.

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