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Something Queer At The Beach

Today was pretty boring, with the constant online-ness and the playing of Illusion of Gaia for SNES, with a short break for a butterscotch sundae. I really meant to go see Russ at the club tonight, but I always seem to get caught up in some other crap, like tonight it was laundry. Well, I did go over to Bobbi's place, but she called me to say that that wasn't happening like six minutes after I left (I later found out). When I got there, she wasn't there, but her family (or in any case, the people that live in her house) let me in. They even let me have some dinner; they'd barbecued some steaks on the grill out front and everything! It was great; I had this bizarre salad (with CROUTONS!) and a steak chop thing and corn on the cob! They all seemed really nice. There was this one girl, Brittany, I think, who seemed really concerned with my welfare, but she was really blunt about it; I really got a kick out of it. Like I was standing there watching X-Men 2 which some guy named Corey had brought over (a pirated copy, obviously, but relatively great quality for being so), and this Brittany girl would be like "don't you wanna sit down? You can brin a chair in from the other room." but she was kinda, I don't know, mean about it? It was interesting. There were all sorts of people over there, and try as I might, I couldn't figure out how most of them were related to Bobbi. She's got some familial explaining to do, in other words.

Well, Bobbi had allegedly left with Sara just before I got there, but they expected her back soon. I hadn't even expected to go there, but I figured, the movie didn't start 'til midnight, why not just go over there for awhile and hang out before the movie? So that I did, and they'd just left. So I hung out, got some dinner, and watched part of X2. Then I had to leave to make it to the movie on time, and Bobbi wasn't back yet. I stopped in my place real quick, cuz I live within walking distance to the theatre, and I had to go to the bathroom, and sure enough, there was the message from Bobbi, at 10:21PM, prob'ly more like three minutes after I'd left. Maybe less. She was calling to say that PIT wasn't gonna happen at her house after all. Well, I went and saw Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and it was awesome. Such a strange but interesting and fun night! Now I'm at home, and I guess it's sorta bedtime after Casey gets through telling me about her escapades in JAIL and I get all my laundry done. Yikes!

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