RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson


Hey, y'all, betchya though I was dead and gone. Well, no such luck; here I am, finally posting again to LiveJournal. I realize I've not done so for over a week, and I apologize for that. I still check it on a regular basis, though, so fear not that I may not be getting to read your posts.

So things have become a tad nutty in my life, but just a tad. I've come to grips with the fact that I'll be living at home in the coming school year. It isn't so bad. I'll be right by work, so I can work a good 35-40 hours a week, but nobody likes living with their parents, and the commute is going to be rather hellish. However, it's money in the bank; perhaps money that I can use to live on-campus next year. It's good money.

I've seen and/or bought many movies recently. If you really care to know what they are, feel free to post commentary and ask, I'd be more than willing to tell, but for the sake of people that hate to read long stuff (you know who you are; jerks) and the sake of people who prob'ly bore themselves with my writing anyhow (I don't blame you), I'll refrain from listing every single one. At any rate, I haven't done much lately; went to a party at JT's Friday before last, then watched some Kevin Smith movies with him and JoB and Greg Garbo on the following Monday, then went to Jamie Collins's party on this most recent Friday night (Jamie's parties always seem to be the most fun) and tried to watch a movie with him after everyone had left, then to the ballgame on Saturday night, where we sat right behind home plate and were the most visible audience members on the camera. It was great; we got some free meal at this buffet style restaurant in Busch Stadium (who knew?), and free ballpark food during the game. We were also shown on the news, and even ESPN, due to our strategically evident placement at the game. Heh heh.

Other than that, I've just been working a heckuvalot, which isn't bad, it's money in the bank, like I said. I haven't read a single freakin' thing this entire summer long. Isn't that terrible? I used to be known for how much I read. Now I suppose I'm kinda known for how many movies I've seen. Which isn't bad, but I'd still like to read more; I just like doing it so much, but it seems so easy to talk myself out of it with "let's watch this movie instead." I work today at 2:00PM, in a little over two hours. Should be fun; haven't closed in awhile. I get to do paperwork, too (yippee skippy!) which is a lot more simple than I thought it'd be, and that's essentially what got me the huge $1.15/hr raise I just got. Come on up and visit me, y'all; I'm there just about every day (tomorrow I get a day off; praise the lord). Angie owes me four bucks, and Jeff owes me three; mooching poorfolk always tug at my heartstrings.

Anyone got a reliable car I can have, or buy for really cheap? Ben Kumming and I are writing a film script and planning on making a film based on a mental short story I've been writing for some time. I reckon that's all for now. Over 'n' Out.

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