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Let's Get Those Missiles Ready To Destroy The Universe

Tonight was...well, it was.

I thought, pretty much up 'til the last minute, that I'd go see Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Tivoli, then maybe go to Lizzie's (but indeed, it's VERY far away). Instead, I went with Amelia, Casey, and Gary, in a car driven by Amy, to Lizzie's place. Guess that means Raiders'll have to happen tomorrow after Ron's party. They're also showing Young Frankenstein and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Pageant, in that order, starting at 8:00PM, and I have free admissions if anyone wants to go. Anyway, we went to Lizzie's.

Some band played, and they were pretty rock 'n' roll. Peat & Bobbi & Ben Smith & Don Beasley & some other people I know were there, but to be honest, it was mostly folks I didn't know. Luee and Natalya and her brother Alex were there, too. Bobbi was wearing this huge papier-mâché monkey head, it was hilarious. Then later on the Pubes played, and I watched part of it, but it was pretty sad; nobody was down there rocking out, and I felt sorta uncomfortable. It was pretty funny that Ben was playing bass. Gary and I had a funny conversation about that later, maybe I'll recount that at some point. Then apparently Casey and Gary got in a fight with the same dudes that were always at Megan's parties, the ones that George once head-butted, and Casey got pissed, and Amelia got pissed cuz apparently someone punched Gary, but they really didn't, really. Well, we went back to the apartment (it took like 35-40 minutes), and Casey and I went to get some food, but Amy was waiting for Amelia cuz apparently she (Amy) had to calm her (Amelia) down. Casey was pretty pissed, too. We went to an ATM, then to Del Taco. I think I'm still hungry, and I'm gonna eat a grilled cheese sandwich. I drank a whole bottle of champagne tonight, I prob'ly shouldn'ta been driving around, but I was really really hungry. Casey and I chilled for a bit back at Gary's, and nobody seemed to be there, but Gary was prob'ly in his room. I left, after thumbing through the RFT a little and eating the Del Taco. Now, I'm going to go investigate the sounds coming from the kitchen. Someone's awake. I'll tell more about the week and shit at a later time. Or maybe not. I'm going to PARIS on Sunday, dudes. Wish me luck.

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