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Lotsa catchin' up to do.

Friday, May 2nd, Hannah and I started the drive up to Chicago to pick up Courtney on the way to Madison. We got to Madison around maybe midnight or something, and went to this place called the Echo Tap, like a block or two from where Jim and David live. The next day, we woke up around half past noon and went first to Radical Rye for some sandwich time, then to the Mifflin Street Block Party, which is, as the name suggests, a huge block party on Mifflin Street. I think it's supposed to be like the biggest block party in the country or something. It was huge. There were bands playing on all sorts of porches (we saw a particularly cool band called Mabel, comprised of some friends of Jim & David's), we drank and drank, then later that night, we saw Arrested Development on the lakefront, and that was really great. Then we went to Casa Bianca's pizzeria, and back to Jim & David's (we'd lost David earlier that day, but ridiculously enough, he was returning home right when we were, I think). The following day was time to go home, and we didn't get on the road 'til 1:30PM, but that sure as hell beats the 9:00PM that we got on the road the last time Hannah and I were in Madison together. Stopped in Chicago to let Courtney out, et c. It was a blast of a weekend. It's always good to see Jim, and David's a cool dude; he's making some weird film with Jim in it and all of this weird film equipment was all over the house.

I don't remember much of what happened this past week. I know I played lots of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, and finally beat Tyson (once by decision, once by TKO). I saw Repo Man at the City Museum on Wednesday night, and it was awesome, what a great movie, really hilarious. I know Ween played in town and Columbia this week, and regrettably, I missed it. Thursday night was Concrete Blonde at the Pageant (not to mention, OK Go at the Galaxy with the Reactions and Natalie McGee at the Hi-Pointe with some whatever bands), and Bobbi/Casey/Sherri Danger had a free ticket for me, but I didn't find out 'til too late. I went to karaoke and sang "Joey," announcing it was in honor of the fact that Concrete Blonde were in town, just down the street, and I didn't have the twenty-five bucks to see 'em. Ben Smith stood me up; he was s'posed to meet me there. Brendan was there, though, and this girl Karen, who was sorta annoying and abrasive. It was a good time; I sang the low parts for Karen on "Proud Mary," then did "Joey," and then sang the last song, "Little Darlin'." Only the karaoke guy (is his name Rob?) decided there was time for one more, so I didn't QUITE get the last song. It was announced as such, though.

Friday I had lunch with my Mom & Grandma at Blueberry Hill. On the way home (walking), I saw Bill Gass (just as we came outta the restaurant, he came up and was like "I hope ya enjoyed yer meal!" on his way in, to work there), David Johns (sorta from afar, just waved), Gary Radin(who was driving by, and honked and waved), and Dave Kirk(who was walking down Enright, just chillin' like only Dave can do). I did bank errand stuff, then went to the Advanced Film/Film II screening in Sverdrup 123. It was loads of fun, and free food, too. The other Advanced class had this film called Hitler's Honeymoon, which was FUCKING STUPID AS HELL, but then there was this Brian Vittenson edit, which was like THE COOLEST THING EVER, it was absolutely insane and nonsensical and he called it Gimme Gimme Gimme Cocoon Juice. HAH HAH HAH HAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What a cool dude Brian is.

Apparently some people went to a bar after that, and spent like $400 total of the remaining budget on drinks and such. Me, I went home to do laundry (I had, like, literally nothing to wear the following day) and took a break to see The Matrix (original) at midnight. What a sweet, sweet movie. I don't think it ever hit me how sweet that movie is before the other night. Or maybe I'm just hyped about the second one, and really got into it cuz I was in the theatre with over 100 other folks, et c. Fun times.

I'm gonna save all of yesterday for a separate post, cuz God knows this post is prob'ly already too long for most of you to comfortably read. Right?

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