RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Sara and Casey Did It, Why Can't I?

Besides, I haven't filled out one of these silly things in forever. I used to all the time, though.

1 Would you ever date someone younger than you? I would date anything that MOVES!!!
2 Someone Older: Story of my life, ya know?
3 Have you ever smoked weed: Yes, and therefore I feel comfortable letting everyone know that smoking weed is SO TOTALLY FUCKING LAME.
4 Ever been drunk: Yay-uh.
5 Been in love: Who gives a shit?
6 Loved someone who you knew you couldn't have: Not for long. Screw that crap.
7 Gotten in a car accident: Not really; one time I was in the passenger seat and my mom rear-ended some guy and my face got all fucked up, I think. I was tiny, though, and only sorta remember it.
8 Broken a bone: Collar bone, one time, when I was five or maybe younger.
9 Had your heart broken: Yeah, like when I got kicked out of the Pubes.
10 Cheated on someone: Ain't never been anyone to cheat on!
11 Been cheated on: I agree with Sara. Being in the dark rocks. In other words, WHO KNOWS, WHO CARES?!?!?!
12 Last time you said I love you to someone: I think I told my dog I loved him one time. What a good dog, ya know?
13 Last time you cried: Phew. I'm gonna say...about a month ago now.
14 Last time you laughed: I hung out with Ron "Laugh-A-Minute" Warner all day.
15 Where do you see yourself in 10 Years? I couldn't have said it better than Sara: "Rockin' Out."
16 What age do you see yourself married at? It's funny; when I was a kid, like, a really little kid, I always thought that people were pretty generally expected to be married right around 20 years old, often even before. And hell, I know people personally to whom that happened, but not me. In fact, I think of it as sort of unfathomable. In other words: who knows?
17 Describe your dream wedding: It'd be really sweet. Acrobats and lion-tamers and clowns all around. Or maybe a rock 'n' roll wedding. All I know is, I want a fuggin' kelly green tux and a wild wild night.
18 Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Wouldn't that be nice?
19 If you could dye your hair one color what would it be? I've been thinking more and more about re-blacking it in recent times. Whattaya think?
20 Have you ever been skinny-dipping: No.
21 Do you eat chicken with fingers or with a fork? Depends on the format of the chicken.
22 Would you rather give or receive? Both are great.
23 How many homes have you lived in? Approximately six.
24 Do you play any instruments? Accordion, piano, bass guitar, guitar, ukulele, banjo, xylophone, tin whistle, harmonica, kazoo, voice, ET C.
25 One pillow or two? Two, stuffed into the same pillowcase. Seriously.
26 Do you get along with your parents? We get along just fine these days. that is, now that they live 1500 miles away or whatever.
27 Favorite town to chill? St. fuckin' Louis, motherfucker. San Francisco and Toronto also rock.
28 Do you drive? More than I care to, in fact.
29 What kind of car(s) do you have? Well, it's a NINETY-ONE BLUE-GREEN VOLVO TWO-FOURTY, as any ol' Googolplexia fan'll tell ya
30 Whats your favorite color(s): Green!
31 Do you work: Not for long; currently at the school's computer lab. Anyone wanna hire a guy? I might be getting library work or a Euclid Records job soon.
32 Whats your favorite food: Ice cream, dude.
33 Do you have braces: Naw, but I had 'em between ninth and eleventh grades.
34 Stupid Stuff: SweeT, dude.
35 How many guys/girls have you kissed: guys: What sorts of kisses are we talking about here? I've never "intimately" kissed a dude, in spite of opportunities. girls: Again, I ask...but for the sake of an answer, TWO.
36 When was the last time you went on a date: Oof, I don't know. Does Wendy's and Baskin-Robbins count as a date? ; )
37 Have you ever got in serious trouble? Nothin' I couldn't handle...[cracks knuckles, breathes on fingernails, rubs nails on lapel]
37 Why is the sky blue: CHEMICAL REACTIONS!
28 Who was your first crush: Oh, yikes, I don't know. I'll look at all my old yearbooks and get back to ya!
39 Do you have a crush? Hell'z yeah.
40 Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? One.
41 When you meet a person of your preferred sex, you first notice: Shoes. Smile. Et C.
42 Are you the romantic type? You'd better believe it. Or don't. Who knows? Who gives a good goddamn?
43 Have you ever been chased by Cops? Not really, sadly.
44 What's your secret you never told anyone? I think I've told most or all of my secrets. My life's an open book, baby.
45 Have you ever done drugs: Sorta, but fuck drugs, they're lame. Even caffeine, that shit's for the birds.

Well I hope all you damned voyeurs had fun with that shit. Enjoy. LateR.

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