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A CURSE On O'Keene! A CURSE On O'Keene!

Woke up late on Saturday, so I couldn't help that Chad guy, unfortunately. Actually, I woke up on time, then I woke up again a little later, and again a little later, and before I knew it, it was like 2:18PM. I prob'ly played some video games and eventually went to the Prune show. It was TIGHTEOUS! After that, I went to Frederick's in time to catch most of the Ambiguous They's reunion show set, and all of the Whole Sick Crew's set. They have a banjo-player now! Also, since Jeremy and Beth are leaving for Yale and Colorado (respectively), they want me to be their accordion player. How exciting! I found out that John and Tommy from the Ambiguous They are the older brothers of this fellow Charlie who was in the tango band I joined. About that: I think I got kicked out the other day. Who knew I was the sort of guy to get kicked out of so many bands? Damn.

Well, after that show, there was a party (supposedly) at Bill & Barry & Jennie & Jesse & Max's, with Lexie, but it was sorta slow, I talked to a guy named Dave and some guy asked me if I wanted to make out, but he smelled bad and was drunk as hell and sort of obnoxious. After that, Lexie & I returned to my place and played Atari games. Fake Brain got into town really really late that night; I told Beth (at whose house they were staying) to have them call Lexie's phone if they wanted to party, apparently she never delivered that message. Oh, well.

The next day (Easter Sunday), I woke up early to work on Hong's film for awhile, then left that to help Jesse (Lawder) and Hannah with their screen acting project, which should be pretty sweet, I think. For a screen-acting project, anyway. Then, I was playing video games, and I beat Final Fantasy III (better known as Final Fantasy VI in other parts of the world), but fell asleep during the post-game little skits and stuff. Oh, well, I can always beat it again, I reckon. Then I woke up around 8:45PM, and was like "shit, I hope I didn't miss Fake Brain!" But I didn't. When I got to the Creepy Crawl, some band called Cash Gal was playing, and they were REALLY good. Then Fake Brain played, and of course they rocked. Ciara showed up really late but caught most of their set, and Brien, Beth, and Luke (of Whole Sick Crew) were there, but they left, and Ciara and her friend and I talked to Fake Brain (mainly Gideon) afterwards--during the last band's set (yeah, some band called Bibowats, with whom the Pubes played, I believe, played AFTER Fake Brain for some reason), then Ciara left and I took Fake Brain to Courtesy (lucky it was open on any Sunday night, let alone Easter Sunday! Courtesy's cool like that, though) and we hung out and joked around and had a good time.

Then last night I went to the Way Out Club with a drinky Lauren and we played New Wave songs on the jukebox and watched the Fantasy Four rock. Karen came up to me as we sorta got there and was like "Matt Harnish and I were just talking about how you were our fav'rite Pubes bassist ever!" and later she told me the new guy lacked on-stage personality and charm, and I told her how I was pretty sure that one day the Pubes would regret firing me, if they didn't already, which she didn't realize they had done. She also gave me these wicked huge Fantasy Four stickers that Scooter/Striker had apparently made at work that day. Later, Richard expressed his disdain for Mustardfish and asked about my getting booted from the Pubes, and I told him about how maybe I'd be with the Whole Sick Crew before long. Just before we left, Jason Hutto was telling Lauren and I about how cool The Bold & The Beautiful is.

As for the show, it was sweet. The Fantasy Four rocked all out as usual, and played some songs I hadn't heard (or at least, didn't recognize), and it was awesome. Then this band from Atlanta called the Close played, and at first I felt bad for them cuz pretty much literally, Lauren and I were the only ones there, and in any case, we were the only ones rocking out; everyone else (all one or two of them, at most) were sitting down or off to the side unnoticed. However, I soon realized that the band was actually very good, and the bassist tossed the tambourine to me to play for the last song! It was exciting. They sounded sort of like what it would sound like if the Julia Sets and Les Savy Fav were hanging out, then got run over by what Nirvana would sound like if they were still around today, all covered by the 90 Day Men. Lauren bought me their secret tour-available-only CD (indeed, called "the Secret EP"--thanks LAUREN!) and Matt Harnish and I tried (with relative success) to think of things that they should do tomorrow (well, today, now) on their day off, in St. Louis. I hope Lauren gets to hang out with them. I would if I had no school, or wasn't going to Dallas, or whatever.

Yeah, Dallas is tonight, assuming I make it this time (cross yer fingers). I should check that flight. And call the eyeglasses place, apparently the style of glasses I wore between December 2001 and November 2002 (Converse All-Star "Boo" design) have been discontinued, but the person who called me yesterday said she found some in the warehouse or whatever. How exciting! There was a mix-up about the prescription, though, so I gotta call 'er. But soon! I shall have my old glasses back!

Plus, I'm getting some huge loan, so soon I'll be rich, dudes. Ironically enough, by "rich" I mean "poor," but indeed it'll seem like richness at the time.

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