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Plad Vs. Pleb

The subject line of this post was the name of a battle that took place in '96

This weekend is KILLER. Let's back up.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the airport, but both flights that I tried to get on (one at 1:54PM, one at 2:56PM) were too full. There was another at 4:30PM, but I'd had it; I can usually stand missing ONE flight (indeed, I usually ALLOW for it), but TWO flights? Fuck that. I'm going home. And I did.

I played video games and was generally way more unproductive than I shoulda been, then Coire was playing video games, then around 10:00PM we watched Unforgiven. After that I went to Gary's and did the whole dating game show thing and read this comic called The Preacher which was terribly violent, violently interesting, and interestingly sacreligious. Pretty good on the whole, I think. I borrowed it, and the second book as well. I'd never heard of it before.

Since today I was supposed to be in Dallas, I figured I'd ACCOMPLISH some things. So, I'm going to have my car worked on (oil change/tire rotation) at 2:00PM. I met Mario up here at school for the tango CD. He forgot it, but we hung out for awhile before he done had to leave for class. We talked about the Dirty Squirrels show. It's gonna be HILARIOUS. April 26th, behind the music building at Webster University. We go on around six-thirty PM. Before I found Mario, I talked to Evan Rosen for the first time since my Freshman year; I see him all the time, and he me, but this time, he actually said something--I usually tried to make eye contact or smile or something, but he'd always look away. Apparently Streetside across the street (where he works) is hiring. Maybe an application is in order. Still gotta turn that one in to the U-City library. Maybe those are chores for today. I'm at "work" now, just biding time 'til I go to Autotire. Anyway. Then later I have to go to Deal$ and Aldi for some smallish grocery time, and I should go to Target, too, just cuz I need to develop some pictures and buy some Sharpies.

11:00AM-11:50AM~French Literature Class
01:00PM-??:??PM (03:50PM at the latest)~Advanced Filmmaking Class
06:00PM-??:??PM~Rosita Awards (Must be present to win)
After that~BFA Show (downtown--where can I get directions? Cuz God knows I never see my roommate)
After that (Possibly)~FANTASY FOUR! & Ded Bugs, & Pubes at the Hi-Pointe
After that~Pat Walsh's mega-party in O'Fallon, MO (gonna be a blast!)
~~Skarekrau Radio also play a show this night at Radio Cherokee

12:30PM~The Lizz Edele Show (cancelled)
08:00PM-10:00PM~Prune at Borders in Brentwood (so exciting!)
After that~Roadhouse Tunes Benefit at Arcade Lanes w/Pubes and some other crap.
~~The Whole Sick Crew also play a show this night at Frederick's Music Lounge
~~Merrilee Rush also plays a show this night at the Family Arena

07:30PM~Doors for FAKE BRAIN show at Creepy Crawl

So, I guess it's not THAT busy, and it sorta gets progressively less busy, especially since that stuff on Saturday afternoon was cancelled (luckily).

Will Jeff ever get back to me about the possibility of a late May Clox/Mustardfish/Hyphen-O show at the Creepy Crawl? Sheezus.

See ya later, readers. I have an oil change appointment to get to!

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