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That's A Good Life For Me

Taxes were a lot less painful than I thought they would be. I'm getting over $200.00 back (total--state plus federal). It took like twenty minutes to file them. EZ, indeed.

I finally got my book for Brian Kennelly's class yesterday. You know, Brian Kennelly's entire family prounounces his name with only the second syllable accented, and they always have. He changed the pronunciation, apparently, when some professor of his informed him that indeed it should be pronounced the way it is now, with the first two syllables stressed. Moderato Cantabile by Marguerite Duras, that's the book.

I also picked up an application, which I've since filled out, for the U-City Library. I listed "Mr. Ben Smith, Director of Operations" as a reference, and "Ryan Samul, Director of Photography" as well. Hah, hah. I should prob'ly talk to Samul before I turn it in, just so he knows, though. If he has a problem with it, I'll just say "Hey, come on, I've worked for you before. What's more, I'm the only person that ever paid you to work for me, as far as Webster University students go. Can't I at least put your name and phone number down on a list for an application that'll go to people who will most likely never ever call you anyway?"

This past weekend I SUPPLIESED Courtney in Chicago by showing up when she didn't expect it! We had a good time eating fast food and ice cream and lounging around in general, yippee! Also, on Thursday night, I practiced with this tango band that I'm apparently joining. Unfortunately, it's like two music majors (trombone and piano) and a girl that SHOULD be a music major (violin) and me, the sloppy pop jokey joe who hasn't read music (and more especially, sight read music) in years. Plus, I hadn't heard the songs before, so I was flyin' blind. They said I did okay; I don't know if that was patronization or what, but hopefully I can get some practice time in before the next rehearsal (Thursday night, again).

Also, I'm going to visit my parents tomorrow, if the flights are free enough. Eek. They looked sorta bad, coming AND going, the other day. Woof.

Then Saturday night, I didn't go to the Fidel Castro movie cuz I figured I would on Sunday night, and Hannah and I went to Cheryl Sanders' house for a party, and not many people showed up, but it was an all right time. I got a lot of sound clips of people trying to sound profound or interesting but ending up looking like boobs. Then, in looking for a skateboard for the following day's shoot with Hong Zhou (film professor), I hung out with Katie Arnold 'til like six in the morning. I met up for Hong's shoot around nine-forty-five AM, ran some sound recording, got chased and manhandled by Mike Witman in a police outfit and pretended to be some bratty thug dude, I guess, and it was fun, but extremely tiring, and my legs got sunburnt. Then I slept, since I'd had two and a half hours of sleep, and planned on waking up at five or six PM, but didn't wake 'til nine PM, in effect missing the Castro movie again, like a dumbass. That was the last it played, too. Damn, I really really wanted to see it. Fidel, it was called, at the Webster University film series.

Then last night were the Webbies (the Webster University Media Excellence Awards), and Beatle Bob hosted, and Rod Daniel (look 'im up on IMDb, suckaz) presented some awards, and the programming was generally hilarious, as was expected (especially the segment with Hong Zhou pretending to be in a late '70s kung fu flick), and there were free drinks and food beforehand, which was great. A good time all around, and I wish I'd started going to the Webbies earlier than just last year. Hopefully, if I'm eligible, I'll be able to submit stuff at next year's Webbies. I wanna sweep all sorts of categories, and really think I prob'ly could.

Okay, I have a ton of storyboards, and a sound analysis on a segment of Being John Malkovich to do, so I'm gettin' out for now, but I'll write at ya more some other time!

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