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Waxing Strong And Waning Long

Lizz Edele interviewed me for her TV show today. It was sorta lame, but not so bad. She bought lunch for Mike Witman (who was running camera) and I at Raccanelli's, then we went to Euclid Records so I could get an application. The application turned out to be a bunch of random categories on a sheet of regular ol' 8½ × 11 paper, with lines for you to fill out, and since that was the case, I was like "fuck that, I'll just type up my own 'application.' " So I did. Look at it, and tell me: Is this place gonna hire me, or are they gonna punch me in the stomach, call me a poser, and then make up degrading nicknames for me? You be the judge:


Robert Severson
705 Interdrive Avenue, Suite #2N
University City, MO 63130-3532
(314) 863-7476 (home)
14 May 1981

-Lafayette High School, Wildwood, MO—4 year diploma
-Webster University, Webster Groves/St. Louis, MO—Graduation May 2003 with degrees in Film Production, French, and English

Wild Horse Mobil, Chesterfield, MO—June 1998-September 2002
-Cashier, Sales Associate
-Starting: $6.25/hr. Ending: $8.50/hr.

Webster University, Academic Computing Services, Webster Groves, MO—September 2002-Present
-Work-Study Lab Assistant/Monitor
-Starting/Current: $7.75/hr.

Various paid and unpaid work in student and professional video and filmmaking
-Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Assistant Director, Assistant Camera, Scriptwriter, Gaffer, Art Director, Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, Grip, Production Assistant

-11 years piano lessons, 1988-1999 (contact: Shirlene Bunnell, information available upon request), Private Recital May 1999
-Proficiency with the following instruments: accordion, piano, bass guitar, ukulele
-Relative proficiency with the following instruments: banjo, guitar, harmonica, tin whistle
-Ownership of around 200 vinyl records, 575 CDs, 75 cassettes, 100 DVDs, and 100 videocassettes
-Bands performed with: Fruition (1995-1996), Mustardfish (2001-Present), The Pubes (2002-2003), Googolplexia (1995-Present)
-Bands recorded with: Fruition (1995-1996), Mustardfish (2001, 2003), Googolplexia (2003)
-Information available upon request

Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, Jazz, Easy Listening, Heavy Metal, Folk, Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Blues, et c.—essentially, at least a little bit of everything.

Tuesdays 9-5 and Sundays anytime until May 14—whenever needed, 7 days/week thereafter (there is a possibility I will be out of the country for three weeks from May 26th through June 13th for a class I may be taking—this is not yet confirmed).

So, did I put anything in there that I shouldn't have? Or leave stuff out that I shouldn't have? I know I jumped the gun a little on the Mustardfish/Googolplexia recordings, but Mustardfish is, of course, going to be recorded by one of its band members, and if Googolplexia didn't wanna wait for Solar Squid to record "them," "they" could record elsewhere like tomorrow if "they" wanted. So I figured it wasn't too great a stretch. The one omission from this application that bothers me a little is that I'm an Eagle Scout. The things highlighted in bold, with the exception of the overall title of "Euclid Records Application," is all that appeared on the original application, with varying numbers of lines for each category to be filled out. Where does "Eagle Scout" belong? It's one of my best résumé-boosters (along with "private recital")! Any suggestions on that? I mean, sure, I doubt it'll make or break me, but ya never know. Furthermore, I did all that fucking work, can't I at least get some credit for it on a dumb record store application? Hell, if I were hiring people, and I saw some rock 'n' roller who was an Eagle Scout, it'd be like "automatically hired" time. Fuck yeah. Maybe I'm making too big a deal out of the whole thing. I guess I haven't really filled out an application since like five years ago now, though.

Also, there was a meeting for the Battle of the Bands yesterday. I don't know if Mario is still planning on playing it; I'm having a hell of a time reaching him.

Then I saw Bowling For Columbine last night. It was good, again. Then Michael Hulsizer and a gentleman whose name I forget did a panel discussion thing that was pretty interesting. Then I hung out with Matt Kleinberg for longer than either of us expected, but it was nice to hang with him after not having seen him like AT ALL this eight weeks.

Tonight was the Middle Finger Film Festival! Lexie and I went, but we missed Halloween III. We DID get to see I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Flesh, though, the former of which was much better. Great balls o' fire, I love the Middle Finger Film Festival!

I started listening to this mixtape Dan Thompson made me in EIGHTH GRADE today. It was prob'ly the...third? mixtape he ever made me. In effect, it was the third mixtape ever made for me, pretty much. It's such a great tape! The Offspring, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Anthrax, Metallica, Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden, Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains, Pantera--hell yeah. Good ol' Dan, he sure knew how to make a tape.

So what da fuck is hap'nin' 'dis weekend, ya bums?

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