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Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he,
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be.

Hah, hah, I should cover that song. I still remember how it goes. Too bad it's so short. Maybe there are other verses. I'll have to do some research.

Today was weird. Last night I hung out with Lexie and Justin DiCenzo. Bill Gass/Barry Johnston/Jennie Bates/Max were supposed to have some party, but apparently Dave Stone said it was off. Lexie & I met up with Justin at Mangia where Mr. Stone was playing with his trio. Anyway, Lexie & Justin and I just went to Justin's parents' house, after an unsuccessful attempt to buy beer (post-1:30AM) at CBGB. There was apparently a Casey Fisher look-alike party at Jason's and elsewhere with the apartment crew, but I was big on goin' to Bill 'n' Barry's party. After all, I'd just found out that instead of 8:00AM, I didn't have to help with the film 'til 6:00PM! PARTY! Too bad that was a bust. I had fun anyway; I really like Justin and haven't hung with Lexie for awhile. We tried to watch Spider-Man, and I really wanted to cuz I ain't never done seen it, but I was so tired! So I fell asleep instead.

All day yesterday was KANSAS CITY TIME! I went to Kansas City with Mario; we left about half an hour earlier than expected (9:30AM) and were in KC by around 1:45PM. We stopped at Wendy's on the way there. I drove all the way there cuz Mario was having physical and emotional difficulties, and we got there and I rocked with Butt in the freezing cold (it was so warm in STL when we left, that Mario didn't wear or bring anything other than some T-Shirt). So that sorta sucked, but AMY FRAUGPOCKETS had clothing for us to borrow to keep warmer. Nonetheless, my fingers were so cold I could hardly play by the set's end (and really, even at the set's beginning). It was a blast, though. Even though we sorta mixed the set up--some Butt songs, some Googolplexia songs, all swished around for an hour of non-stop sloppy pop madness--I still ended the set with "I'M NOT IN BUTT, Y'ALL GOT DUPED!!!" as we all thought I should have. Then we hung out with Amy and some of her friends and listened to Zaireeka (yes, all four discs of it, simultaneously!) but I fell asleep sorta early on in that process; it was too convenient--some futon with a pillow on it, me already in a reclining position--so I took like an hour-long nap while four "minions" (as Mario called them--himself among them) made sure Zaireeka was all cued up and playing properly, track by track, for me. Or in any case, it's nice to think of it that way. It was good "go to sleep" music, I think. It'd have been lovely to stick around, but Mario had some serious business to take care of in St. Louis and I had a film shoot the following morning (which didn't end up happening--damn). I felt bad for Amy; she's so awesome and she seemed so excited we were there, but we had to leave again so soon. I'd have loved to stay and party with her, or at least see her fashion show (in which she both modeled and had clothes, which we saw, and which were fucking phenomenal, showing on other people), cuz wouldn't that be weird to see Amy in some black DRESS?! Or any dress, for that matter. Well, at the same time, I appreciated Mario's situation, and we talked about what companies made what video games on the way home; it was fun! And I drove from Columbia to St. Louis, cuz Mario was all tired. Then we played Punch-Out while we waited for a few minutes, then he borrowed a hoodie (cuz he only had the T-Shirt still!) and took off, I felt bad for the ol' boy. OH! And we ate at an A&W (!!!) just outside of Kansas City. How come there aren't more of those around HERE?! Damn, it was cool. Mmmmmmmm.

Wednesday night and Thursday I helped out with Anne Freivogel's senior overview, which was good fun. I really like Anne, and her script is really neat. Wednesday night I was just an extra and a helper monkey, but Thursday I was the sound hotshot. Last weekend's shoot, for whatever inexplicable reason, really turned me on to doing SOUND. I don't know; I'm just really happy to be a part of all these projects that I really believe in, and even the ones I don't particularly think are grand, are fun to help out with nonetheless. THEN! On Thursday night, I saw the TRACHTENBURG FAMILY SLIDE SHOW PLAYERS, and of course they were AWESOME. If you weren't there, you are, of course, a sucker. And most of you weren't. Suckers. Look 'em up, see 'em in yer own hometown, don't miss 'em--they really are somethin' to behold. Where was Hunter, I wonder? She was apparently there, but I saw her not!

So today I woke up sorta early (like 11:00AM) and high-tailed it to the bank before noon (it's way far away on St. Charles Rock Road) but Coire hadn't been able to pay me yet, so I didn't have enough for rent anyway. On the way home, I was just really frustrated with it all, and for some reason, I started getting really frustrated and upset with the events of last Friday night, which hasn't happened for a few days. Then later, we were setting up for tomorrow's (8:00AM, and we lose an hour cuz of stupid ol' Spring Forward) shoot, and I was art directing and tellin' folks what to do! It was fun, and we got what we wanted to, accomplished. With lots of white sheets, stripped, and a 50-yard roll of yard-wide paper. Then the five of us (ol' dope dude wasn't there) went to Weber's and had dinner on the film's budget. WAWOO! It was good times, and everyone laughed, and had fun, and on the way home just now I actually felt a lot softer about the events of last Friday night than I have to date. I felt like I wanted some reconciliation for once. Like I didn't want to keep saying "what a goddamned shithead" over and over anymore. Like I wanted to re-establish, at very least, some sort of civil relationship. Lord only knows if any of this is even remotely possible, though.

So, I came home, and felt like making a phone call, and now I feel even more like making a phone call. RING RING RING!!! HI!!!

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