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I Don't Want Battle Cat--HE'S NO GOOD!

Gawd, I hope this gets better.

Saturday night I played video games and was generally just as tired as hell, then I went to Uncle Bill's with Lauren and her friends, which was fun. SMOKEY TREAT!!!! Then later on Courtney came over unexpected and I was glad.

Then Sunday I was at the film shoot around 8:15AM, and stayed there 'til about 10:15PM. It was hell. I took some equipment back to school (as much as would fit in my car, anyway) and then hung out with Courtney before we had to return her to the train station. BummeR.

Basically, I hope this week and the weekend that follows turn out better than these past. Oof. I showed up to French today, having completely forgotten that there was a paper due, and feeling pretty stupid about that one. Maybe I should do it here in the time before my next class, or turn it in tomorrow or at some other point before the next class, just to make a slightly less bad impression.

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