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Talent Show

I love the Middle Finger Film Festival.

Allow me to explain: My friend Carla Anderson, and her boyfriend Shane, and his brother Shaun, all three of whom live together, enjoy taking a Wednesday night every once in awhile, and showing a zany movie, and making hot dogs and popcorn for everyone who shows up, and everyone's always invited. Last night was my second time going, out of three times I've known about. The first time we watched Death Wish III and The Young Warriors. That was several weeks ago. Last night was Rock 'n' Roll High School, followed by a Super-8 copy projected onto a silver screen of an old 1940s episode of Batman (which was only half of a plot that ended on a cliffhanger, cuz they don't have the other half) followed by a super-campy Japanese movie called Wild Zero that was about rock and roll, zombies, UFOs, love, vengeance, malicious club owners, hermaphrodites, crime, humungous guns, awful outfits, and so much more! It was generally just a riot. It starred this band called Guitar Wolf, a three-piece punk/rock band whose members' names were Guitar Wolf, Bass Wolf, and Drum Wolf. Hah, hah. It was released in 2000 originally, but apparently hasn't made its way to the US yet. Unfortunate. Shaun gets all these weird movies from God-knows-where; he got the Batman thing at a Flea Market and it didn't come with the second half, so it was a big cliffhanger with Batman just having fallen of a building and everything. It was awesome. Anyway, they do this every coupla weeks, and it's always a great time, and they call it the Middle Finger Film Festival, and Shaun writes little reviews of the movies on tiny slips of paper and makes enough copies for everyone, and sometimes, there are DOOR PRIZES, even! Like I said: I love the Middle Finger Film Festival.

Tonight I hope to see Patricia Tolentino here on campus, and somehow also flyer the loop and go to Blueberry Hill's karaoke. Let's see what happens!

Tomorrow's the big rock show at the Way Out Club (2525 South Jefferson--take 40 or 44 to Jefferson, take it south, Way Out'll be on yer right). It's a big deal. Get out there. Five or six bucks, max. Nine o' clock--be in a movie! WAHOO!

That's all I got for now. This weekend should prove interesting. COURTNEY's in town tonight?!!!

Everytime I see Rock 'n' Roll High School, I go on a crazy Ramones kick. Ahh, the Ramones. Ramones Ramones RAMONES!!!

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