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Man, today has been pretty cool. I do wish I'd woken earlier to facilitate some more hours of work being put in. Once again, it's gonna be a gamble, seeing whether I make it through the month in one piece, financially. Know what I mean? That week of not working during Spring Break might just break me.

Hey, at least I'm being taken care of, to certain extents. Bobbi Jo treated me to lunch at ol HUNAN VU'S today, and much to my surprise and delight, Bart and Patrick were there, too! So, we did ol' buffet time, and watched King of the Hill and then were teased with a bit of Matlock which gave way to The 700 Club, for whatever reason. As if we were really watching it anyway.

Before that, I paid for the attorney's fees for my speeding ticket of January 15th, 2003. Apparently I paid too much. Next time, I'll know better. Too late to change it now, though!

Before that, I hung out at home after waking up like three hours later than I wanted to, but that's what happens when you unexpectedly get a little drinkage in you, I suppose. I watched some Monty Python's Flying Circus with Coire and Russ and then just Coire.

Tonight's the Mustardfish show at the house of a dude named Todd who lives at 8 Edding Lane in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Plug it into MapQuest for directions. That reminds me; I have to plug that into MapQuest for directions. I have class 'til 8:30PM, but I'm goin' after that, but that's just to give you an idea of how late you can show up and still be all right to see us for sure. I suspect we go on around 10:00PM. We're playing last, with some girl bands; one from St. Louis called Chain Reaction and one from Bloomington, Indiana called What The Kids Want. We'll see how this goes!

I also wrote a letter to the Dean of the School of Communications about how I should be allowed to graduate in May and finish my Overview afterward, over the summer. Wish me luck on that, it could apparently go either way. And I'm supposed to order graduation shit (announcements, uniform, et c.) by like this Friday. Eek!

Damn, I have class, dudes and dudettes. Hopefully tonight will rock just fine. It's our first outta state show! Heh heh. LateR.

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