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Konami Code

I just got back from Gary's where some drunkenness was going on. I didn't plan on drinking tonight, but Brian McNearney was insisting that it was St. Patrick's Day and it was just right. So Bart, Bobbi, Brian, Eugene, and I played Circle of Death. Bobbi dropped out after like a beer, I dropped out after about four, but later got to feeling pretty good (as I do now). Then Gary started talkin' Jesus and Jehovah and the Old Testament, and I snuck outside to hang with Amelia and Amy Frogpockets. Then everyone sorta came outside, and Jason and Casey and some girl came over, and we were all hangin' out, then Amy left, and I followed shortly. It was a rockin' time, though.

Tomorrow's time for my second lunch in a row bought for me by some rock and roll chick! Anyone else wanna buy me some lunch? Ya don't have to be rock 'n' roll, OR a chick, really, but it helps (I don't really know WHAT it helps, if anything, but it seemed appropriate to include). Also, I accept deliveries. WAWOO!

What the hell happened to Dave tonight? He went to pick up George from his house (and how did George end up at his house after hanging out with Peat and Natalya and Andy?), but never returned! Curious.

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