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My Bank Is The Coolest Bank

A Monday morning, around 9:30. A male of approximately 20 years walks into the Community America Credit Union and proceeds to the counter, where a name plate reads "Robert," in front of a glassed man of questionable age; probably not much over 30 at the most.

GUY (to "ROBERT"): I'd like to deposit this check, please. I've written on the check where I want various amounts of it to be deposited.
ROBERT (noting that the check is from "Webster University"): Okay, thank you. Say, are you a professor? Student?
GUY: I'm a student; that's a work-study check.
ROBERT: Ahh. (noticing a button on the GUY's lapel that is the design of a red jesus fish on a yellow background, but instead of saying "JESUS" or "IXOXI" [or whatever], it says "MUSTARD") Mustard?
GUY: Yeah, it's a button for this band Mustardfish.
ROBERT: Ah. I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time now, but never did... ... ...Dr Who?
GUY: Umm, what about Doctor Who?
ROBERT: Have you ever been told you look like him?
GUY: Oh, wow, no. I don't guess I have.
ROBERT: I don't know, I just was always reminded of him in the way you dress. Except you need a scarf.
GUY: Yeah, like, one that goes all the way to the ground and stuff.
ROBERT: Definitely.
GUY: I've been compared to lots of random celebrities and various characters, but never Doctor Who. That's pretty good.
ROBERT: Sign here.
GUY: Thanks. See ya later!
ROBERT: Have a good day!

Yes, this happened this very morning, friends. To me. I'm the "GUY."

Some fuck is mailbombing my Yahoo account. Or more appropriately, someone is apparently sending E-Mails to a bunch of addresses using my Yahoo account, and since none of the addresses exist, they're all sent back by the Mailer-Daemon. What the fuck? This just started literally today. I checked my mail this morning, 25 messages. Only one was actually for me. Then like an hour later (just recently), I check again, 32 new messages, and none of them actually for me. Is it possible to wait this shit out, or is there some action I have to take before they fill up my mailbox (while I'm not looking) with JUNK? AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fucking asshole spammers.

Time to write some pages of a script for Cheers and hopefully have enough time before class to drop my ticket and my $80 off at the Traffic Law Center. If not, tomorrow will work for that, I suppose.

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