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In 1844, The Democrats Were Split

Ho there!

So this afternoon I got back from Chicago which pretty much ended my Spring Break. Damn, Spring Break's over already? SHIT. Since then, I've been wasting some time, and wearing an old shirt from Mobil that I never wore to work there, and makin' a little headway (maybe more than I'm giving myself credit for? I hope so) on this room o' mine. There's a picture of JESUS hangin' over my bed now! WOOHOO! Hah, hah.

Coire's all movin' in and shit! In fact, I think he's mostly moved in now!

Anyway, Chicago was rad-tastic and I just did a bunch of random hanging out with COURTNEY LEE. I got a tiny gambling machine and some weird springy owl and some weird hologram pictures from Gulliver's Travels. Coincidentally, I just found a paper I wrote for "Major British Writers II" that was about the third book of Gulliver's Travels. I hardly remember reading that. Well, okay, I'll be honest, I didn't really read it at all. I got a B minus on the paper. Go figure (I don't know what that's supposed to mean, "go figure"). Anyway, we met up with Alex Younger and Darren (Owen?) in Chinatown with Meredith and ate some candy and cookies and looked at trinkets (I shoulda bought some) and I got some TRICK DICE that always show SEVEN or ELEVEN for 69¢. I thought they were weighted or something. Bummer. Ya get what ya pay for. The day before that we walked all around Chicago and down to the end of Navy Pier and got some COTTON CANDY and some cheap food at McDONALD'S THE FUTURE (???). Did we do anything else, really? Nah. It was lots of hanging (and making--sh!) out and watching BOTTLE ROCKET and being lazy and taking naps and trying to catch up with some friends from STL (Jaffa & Bobbi Jo & Casey & Sherri Danger) that never happened. Wasn't it? It always seems like I forget to mention something about Chicago. Or maybe we just never do anything. Either way, it's always a neato mosquito time.

So in the process of treasure-hunting through my stuff, I've found lots of treasure (duh!)! I found a MAGIC Etch-A-Sketch keychain and old notes from Art History (boy, was I ever a thorough note-taker!) and autographed baseballs and figurines and American History books and many random toys that I'd forgotten about in my 9+ month absence from them. I've still got a handful of boxes to go through, but I do believe I'm making some decent progress. AIEEEEEE!!!

We (Coire & Lizz & Kyle & I, I think) were gonna go see The Trials Of Henry Kissinger tonight, but apparently there was something on TV that Kyle simply couldn't miss. The movie only runs at the Tivoli, and only for a week. Maybe I should just go over there and see it. Or Adaptation. I should treat myself to some Tivoli tonight. I still have two passes. In any case, I'm itchin' to get this room done enough so that I should prob'ly sign offa this mother.

Amy Frogpockets of BUTT is in town this week! I hope she got my package before she left!

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