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Oof, what a weekend.

Friday night I played my last show with the Pubes. It was loads of fun, as every Pubes show I've played was. They let me give a farewell speech and shout the intro to "Party Hard." We didn't win, even though I promised that everyone was invited to the party afterwards if we did, in the speech. Suckers. There were prizes for the top three bands, and we didn't fall anywhere in there (only five bands played), so that was a little disheartening, but it may've had something to do with the fact that we went a little past our time limit. They had shitty ways of telling us how much time we had left, though. All in all, it was a little sad, to say the least, but still a rollicking good time.

Then was the party at my place. I took Katie back cuz Bart'd left earlier to pick Patrick up at the airport. The party, as expected, was just fuggin' packed as hell. I don't think the other apartments opened up their doors and contributed to party space like I'd assumed they were supposed to (based on what Jessica told me). Also, Jessica had talked to Johnny Raccanelli (founder/owner? of Raccanelli's pizza, where she works), and he apparently has sway with the University City police, whom he told to leave the party alone. More than anything, though, I think that just alerted them to the fact that there was a party at all, and surely enough, in a move unprecedented with parties at our place (and believe you me, they've been bigger than this one was before), the police came and broke it up. They sent everyone home, and the one policeman who used to work at Raccanelli's and therefore knew Cliff & Jessica, asked me if I lived there, and was so ready for me to say "no," that when I said "yes," he was like "gotta leave, then." I was like "I have to leave?" and he was like "Yup, if ya don't live here, ya gotta leave." I say "You asked me if I lived here..." he interrupts "I asked you if you lived here, and you said Y--" (a short pause) "Yeah, okay, sorry." Apparently they also tried to be like "Yeah, we're letting you off easy" and shit. What total bull. Well, next time there won't be that problem, although our house is prob'ly on some "watch" list now. Fuckin' Johnny Raccanelli. Ahh, well, his pizza rocks.

The party started to build back up, but prob'ly didn't even get back to ¼ of its original size by the time everyone left again. Just some late-comers, and some come-backers. All three kegs ended up being emptied. Alex (Cliff's friend) and I had drunken conversations in French, to the confusion of all (including ourselves, I think). He was the last one there, and he apparently later found a place to stay on Russ's bed.

The thing about the party that annoyed me was threefold: Well, when I got there it seemed a little annoying, just cuz I'd done my last Pubes show and was a little sad about it and shit, and was not really into dealing with people. I saw enough people I knew/liked, though, and was getting in a better mood, and even had some drinkage, before it was broken up. That was the first annoying thing; by the time it was broken up, I didn't want it to be. So I was in sort of a bad mood and just started cleaning up and shit before everyone had even left. Then, when it started back up again, that was annoying, cuz I was just ready for it to be over, and had gotten used to the idea, and then people just started coming again. Well, I was in okay spirits minus a coupla upset folks but I think they resolved their problems and Mario and I called Amy Frogpockets a whore several times on her answering machine. Hah, hah.

The next day was wake-up-later-than-we-should time for Courtney and I. We went to the archgrounds and into North County after picking up the camera from Webster Groves. Shot a little video footage. Then Courtney left for the huge birthday dinner and I went up to school to return the camera and chill with Keith for the last little while of auditions. Left at 7:30PM to head for the Roadhouse barbecue. Luckily, my Jell-O had set by then. It was a good burger-and-hot-dog time and lots of folks showed up and stuff. Later on we were watching the Pubes/Nineteen tour videos and more than anything, I realized, the fact that I don't get to tour with the Pubes is what disappoints me about my being booted therefrom. Maybe they'll let me come along for the helluvit this summer anyway.

I wanted to see Reverend Glasseye and the Whole Sick Crew at Off Broadway last night. Gary and Bart and Katie and Patrick left for the show, and Little Pete and I were gonna leave later, and I was only going cuz Little Pete was gonna pay my way in, but we were waiting for the burgers to be done. After we'd eaten burgers, I put on my jacket and was like "Okay, let's go!" but Little Pete was like "Hey, I'm having a good conversation here, and I've seen the Whole Sick Crew a million times anyway." I was sorta pissed off that he scheissted me like that, so there was a sort of damper on a good part of the rest of my stay at the Roadhouse that night.

Then I hung out here with Courtney for some time before she left and for some reason I just woke up at like 5:15PM. What a great start for Spring Break. Here's hoping I can get a lot of stuff done. Starting with Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, which shows at Webster University's film series tonight. All right!

Weekends like this are fun, but they sure manage to take something of a toll on an already-exhausted me. This one managed to take an especially melancholy toll. I guess there's something about playing your last show with the band you love or seeing lots of yer friends all at once at a huge party, only to have them whisked away A)Before you even see/talk to them, and B)All at once, and very quickly, or having yer girlfriend in town for the first time in months, or whatever. S-I-G-H.

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