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Girls Read; Boys Ignore

Anyone who's a GIRL who reads this here Journal, even those that stumble randomly upon it:

My girl (that is to say, she's one o' my girlz, not that she's MY girl) Kate is doing some sort of art piece for which she'll need over 100 pictures of girls (assuming she has a picture for every element of the periodic table, and depending on where she stops, I guess she could prob'ly need up to 118, but at least as many as, say, 109). Check out her LJ website for more information; it sounds like a really cool & interesting project. If you send her a picture of yerself, it might be put on display in some art show in Brussels, Belgium! So, check her journal out and act accordingly. I personally vouch for Kate's validity as a person and a cool cat if there's any discrepancy about that.

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