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When Once To Welt Wobbajobba

Instead of going home this morning, I came straight to work. Oops, I left some laundry in the machines! Hope nobody needs to use 'em before I get home at like 3:45PM or whatever.

So since I didn't go home, I don't really have anything with me. Luckily I keep Gary's mix CD in the car, so I'm listening to that. I wish I had a Walkman with me. The Geraldine Fibbers tape I got last night is so good! Who woulda thought? Well, I guess I would've, if you'd asked me.

My room is coming along, but I fear it won't be finished in time for partytime. I finished the books, hats, and stuffed animals, though (I think). So many boxes, so many little toys and such. In fact, my room is sorta worse at the moment cuz instead of being neatly stacked atop one another, the boxes are all over the floor and open and stuff. Yuck.

I drank some Southern Comfort mixed with Sprite last night. I think it might be my new fav'rite drink! I don't think I'd ever had SoCo at all before, in fact. Apparently Brad used to drink that stuff straight, like, exclusively (as far as alcohol goes). Weird.

Damn that "Beer, Beer, Beer" song on this CD. It always cuts out before it's over.

Oof, I'm a little tired. After work's over, it's time to clean some more and then SPAGHETTI and KARAOKE!

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