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I Eat Filet Mignon Seven Times A Day; My Bathtub's Filled With Perrier. What Can I Say?

This is the life.

Yesterday was a great day, but nothing really spectacular happened for most of the day. While here at "work," I finished two weeks of Scriptwriting projects (three commercial scripts), read the short story "L'Os" by Diop, and studied for my Law & Media exam. It didn't seem too hard; I think I did all right, and Ian MacBryde (Scriptwriting teacher) definitely didn't give a damn that I'd been absent last week or that I was turning in un-critiqued shit and week-late shit. Hee hee! I think I did have his E-Mail address after all, or at least, I should have, but didn't find it when I looked. Oh, well. All we did in that class was turn shit in, then watch an episode each of Cheers and Seinfeld. Apparently we have to write a script for one or the other. AWESOME.

Class got out at 7:00PM, instead of the 8:30PM it's scheduled for. I went home and had some huge dinner with Barbecue-Sauced chicken, some super-salad, and corn. It was awesome. Then I went to the Hi-Pointe to rock it with Pubes. Somewhere along the way yesterday, something in me snapped (into place correctly, I assume), and I realized that I genuinely no longer care that I'm not in the Pubes. I figure, I'll just make the most of these last two shows, and then whatever. In fact, while waiting for the others to show up to the Hi-Pointe last night, I was racking my brain trying to remember exactly why I'd been so upset about the whole Pubes deal, especially the preceding day after I talked to Deye Mofo about it and whatnot. I really couldn't think of why. In any case, I feel much better about it now, thanks, and for that reason, I think my attitude is allowed to be better around the Pubes. I'll just play these last two shows as if they aren't really my last two shows, except I might make some announcement at Friday's show, and then SNAP! it'll be over.

So watch the Kansas City underground music landscape in early May. I hear ROADKILL and BUTT are gonna play a show together there, then! Also, I'd like to record/release a split 7" with Butt, where like I play one of my own songs and one of Butt's songs, and Butt plays the same song of theirs that I play, and then the song of mine that I play. So basically, two songs, two versions each. I wonder how much that'd cost to get like 250 copies of or something. I bet Vintage Vinyl would totally distribute it, too.

So last night at the Hi-Pointe, Rob Ruzicka and Bobbi Leykam were there and were fighting over who got to buy me drinks, and I ended up with like three beers and a shot of jagermeister in me, which is more than enough for me, if ya didn't know. I was pretty solidly drunk (though certainly not wasted) for the rest of the night, and prob'ly shouldn't have, and wouldn't have driven home if it hadn't been so close.

Today, I just lounge around the lab all day, maybe work on some stuff for the Breakfast video for Applied Media Aesthetics tonight. Maybe not. I really need to get my apartment in order for Friday.

Oh, yeah: if ya didn't know, there's a big party at my place this friday. If ya click here, you'll get a map and directions and parking suggestions. Just so ya know, though, come around the back of the building, instead of in the front. Friday night. I don't know when I'll be there, but there will prob'ly be consistent partying going on in our apartment and like seven others surrounding it (all of which share our courtyard) from like 10:30PM onward. Maybe even earlier; I don't know. I'm gonna be busy that night with Pubes and possibly the Kristie Stremel/Bruises/Visibility Troop show at Hi-Pointe. We'll see what's up. I'll be there eventually, and we can dance the night away then. ALL RIGHT?!??!

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