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I Believe In Miracles


And that's putting it lightly.

I woke up at 11:00AM or so after having passed out around 4:30AM, after having gone to Gary's to watch the end of Zoolander and some television with Gary and Amelia and Casey, after having seen the Whole Sick Crew and Puerto Muerto at the Creepy Crawl, after having gone to Webster University to see the conservatory's production of Violet, after having left the Creepy Crawl, after having played there with the Pubes. Besides that, I just made some huge omelet (prob'ly the best I've ever made) with peppers (green & red both), mushrooms, and four-cheese-blend.

I just got back from seeing the McGees at Cicero's. After I woke up, I kind of dawdled for awhile, writing some letters and getting ready to see the McGees. Then I went to the bank so I'd have money for the show. When I showed up (right around 3:00PM, when the show was to precisely start, with the McGees), Stephanie McGee told me the show was postponed half an hour, and that the McGees were going second instead of first. I met Natalie McGee, and then I left for Vintage Vinyl, where I got the Ramones tribute and the Pixies' "Velouria" single. Then I went back to my place to drop that crap off and briefly internet. Walking around the loop on a Sunday afternoon is something I don't do enough, I decided. Or really, anytime, for that matter. I left for the McGees show, again, around 3:35PM or so, I think, and I saw a guy doing something I don't remember ever seeing anyone do, and furthermore, have never known anyone but myself to do: actually reading the information plates on the STL Walk of Fame Stars. That made me really happy! This band Parkridge played first at the show, and they were entertaining enough. I talked to Deye Mofo and this guy that was hangin' with him, whose name I don't know, but whom I saw on Halloween at Deye Mofo's party, and again at various times/places including the Pubes show at the Czech Center awhile back. Jerome Gaynor was there, too, but I don't think he really acknowledges my existence--anymore, at least. Or maybe he genuinely doesn't recognize me; I don't know. Anyway, the McGees were fuggin' GREAT, but there was something about my state of mind and general feelings that were making me think all of these strange thoughts, most of them hypothetical, some of them reminiscent. I started sort of flipping out, internally (if that's possible), so I left after the McGees were done and I'd given them my regards. The walk back made me feel a bit better, but I'm still a little shaky.

Friday night was great, though, Bill met me here around 6:40PM, and we went to see Grumboon at the Pepper Lounge. We stayed for all three showings, and Bill asked a girl out, but expected her to say no, as she did. Good ol' Bill. We watched it all three times. The first time, a technical difficulty led the DVD to skip from this part in the beginning to a part towards the end, so Aaron had to manually rewind it so it wouldn't do that. The middle time, a technical difficulty led it to be in black and white. The third time, it played through perfectly in glorious color. I think the second and third times, he used a diff'rent copy that he'd run back to his house to get. It was sweet, though. I saw Brad & Martha & Joe Deutsch & Nicole Northway & Karin (sp?) & Suzanne Stockhausen & some other folks there, it was COOL.

Driving home, it had been snowing for quite some time, and rather heavily. Like, I don't think I've ever seen snow this crazy. The flakes, which might more aptly be called "chunks," were huge, and it was coming down so densely and so fast. It was treacherous getting back to my place, where Bill thought he might have to stay the night. Lots of slippage. Bill stayed awhile, I made pancakes, then he left. I went over to Gary's, but all the lights were turned off, so I didn't try going in. Apparently it was pretty lively over there after awhile, though. At some point, after I was back here, just about to go to bed, Lizzy and Jessica came in and were talking about Shannon (Lizzy's sister Emily's girlfriend...or ex-girlfriend, I think, now) and how lousy she is. Apparently Jessica ended up at Gary's that night and shit.

Saturday morning I woke up around 11:00AM and was internetting around again, then when I got off, there were some messages from Jessica's mother, she didn't sound happy. I woke Jessica up to tell her this, and Jessica was like "fuck fuck fuck," apparently they were supposed to go shopping together; her mom drove up from Cape Girardeau and everything, and that was supposed to be her last time seeing Jessica before Jessica left for Leiden (Netherlands). Since Jessica's mother is some terrible stimulus, from what I can tell, have been told, and have witnessed (in spite of never having met her firsthand), this was pretty devastating, and of course it was a mistake. I tried to comfort Jessica, then made that huge omelet. Mmmmmmmm. I still have some chopped veggies that I guess I could make another, smaller one with. We'll see!

Anyway, that's my weekend. Pretty good, but now I feel apprehensive about the oncoming week cuz of all the school I missed last week, and plus I'm still coming down from sort of freaking out. Oof. But the Ramones tribute sounds great so far!

Puerto Muerto, of course, is really really excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. I'm a real sucker for minimalist/sloppy two-person bands. I really am! And the Whole Sick Crew rocked, too, of course. It was funny; Lexie Korba, Megan McCaul, AND Nicole Northway were all at that show last night. Heh heh. Of course McGall did the ol' "make eye contact long enough to acknowledge that she's seen you, but not long enough for you to wink or make a face at her" thing. WhateveR. Cuando Greg and Brett Bell and Jaffa and Lizzy and Chelsea and Emily and Frank Newton were all there, too. It was a good time! Then the merch girl gave me the older Puerto Muerto album for eight bucks, even though she was selling it for ten (she had to ask Christa's permission first), cuz eight was all I had, since I'd gotten a pork St. Paul sandwich at the Chinese place earlier, just before the Pubes portion of the show. That was a weird sandwich. How come the Creepy Crawl is always screwing up booking and whatnot? Triple-booked! Sheesh. At least the timing was right so I could see that play at Webster (it was the last play a lot of my friends will be in, and I didn't wanna go to it today cuz I'd have had to miss the McGees) and come back just in time to see one of the middle-show bands (Sofachrome), tolerating them just enough to get by before I could rock and roll with the Whole Sick Crew and Puerto Muerto. Woo!


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